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And, though Actor is a much better album, I love St. Vincent's Marry Me album cover

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Madvillainy mother fuckers

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Great article.

Another thing I'd suggest is severely lacking from Games criticism is analysis, analysis of prevalent trends, themes, where games are, where they're going, theoretical analysis of exactly how games function in our culture, what impact they have and more importantly as games develop, where they stand in relation (if at all) to other art forms; which basically translates as intelligent dissection and intervention towards making games better for everyone. Take the platform while you have it and rather than just passively interpret, actively and purposefully intervene. Cinema as it exists today would never be as beautiful and wonderful an art form without a select few intelligent interventions by critics back in the 50s laying the foundations for the French New Wave, which proceeded in breaking all the rules - not that Cinema and games are directly comparable in this respect but I believe with intelligent insightful and engaging game criticism the whole industry could be moved forward.

Wouldn't it be amazing if like all other art forms (yes games are primitive in respect to being considered a full fledged art form but they have to start somewhere) that Games were driven by passion rather than dollars (luckily in this respect Independent Games are a glorious beacon of hope, which I'd also love to read more critical engagement with - we're in a Renascence period of gaming from this point of view for gods sake). What if it developed explicit theoretical trends and manifestos in approach to its form for example Abstract Expressionism, Dogme 95, the Surrealist manifesto, Minimalism, etc. I find it sad that most dismiss such ideas with cynical laughter rather than accepting that, games haven't been around long at all, that there are more possibilities for its development than ever before and that there is a massive potential for true greatness. Lets not kowtow to consumerist bullshit, we can all do much better.

Sorry for relative incoherence, I am tired.

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Shit! I fucking loved that game and have wanted to play it again for years(none of the downloads I tried ever worked properly)! Thanks a lot!

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"If I walked up the stairs, there was an screen-filling demon happy to stomp my face in."

"Tap LT to equip on the left, tap LT for the right."

Perhaps give it a read through before posting? Just saying.

Other than that, this is the first game in ages that I have been so desperate to play. One issue I am worried about which you didn't address is, what about that Open World Jank we all love so much? I adored Oblivion but the jank in Fallout 3 left me incredibly sour.

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@FengShuiGod said:

@Cloudenvy said:

Chrono Trigger and one of them has already played through it?


What? One of this has played through it? God damn. I'd rather they just waited until they really want to do one, and do one proper. I don't care if it's three years from now. Playing a short, relatively unquirky, well known game that one of them has already played is just.....meh.


Why on earth would they pick a game that one of them has already played.. Isn't half the point that the crew get to play games they would never get to play otherwise and you know being just as oblivious at what's happening as us.. I don't get the Patrick hatred, I think he's cool, and a Ryan and Patrick ER will be cool, but it'd be better if they played some broken ass crazy Japanese game that no one would ever play but would love to see. Also gutted they didn't go for Dark Souls..

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Would love a permanent 5th bombcaster, Drew or Patrick would be great - though the Dave guest ones are always gold.

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Kinda funny I guess but I would love to hear Tyler apply himself properly rather than fucking about like this, I do dig Goblin but man, I hope he drops all this infantile misogynist bullshit all the rape stuff especially in the future and I know the song is a joke 'n all but half the so called MCs he hangs with can't hold a shitting flame up to Tyler's flow. Whatever people say the dude's production is fucking impeccable.

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Jesus Christ all the GB crew worshipers are annoying. I completely agree with the initial post, in which he clearly stated that he likes him 'for the most part' but he can be annoying at times. Stop acting as though he's pursuing some sort of witch hunt or something, there is nothing wrong with publicly stating ones critical opinion on the site, whenever anyone does all you disciples go crazy, calm the fuck down and stop being so dogmatic, they are human beings they are not effing perfect. Ryan Davis can be a rude arrogant wanker at times, it's part of the reason we all love him, we don't have to make rubbish justifications about his 'persona', the whole point of this site is that the GB crew's personalities are upfront, not some Hee-Ho I'm Jack Frost Persona shit haha, I think they all basically come across exactly as they are. I do agree it does put one off seeing him be so rude at times, and this 'GB isn't professional' is just idiotic, yes they goof around but they take this shit very seriously, just because they are casual doesn't mean they are not professional at what they do. It would be better if Ryan weren't so rude, critical observations are like anything (and I hate the need to express this, it should be obvious but judging by most of the responses you'd think none of you knew) subjective, responding to Shrat with such disdain and ignorance isn't going to change his mind is it, so why bother being so insensitive. Act civilized for fucks sake.