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First up, I'm old.

I used to love playing the old Genesis and SNES hockey games. NHL 94 is probably on my personal top ten of all time. It's been a while, though. I'd like to pick up a new hockey game, but there are so damn many. And from the demos, some seem very complex for no reason other than complexity.

Can anyone recommend a good, arcadey NHL game from the recent crop? I'd prefer 360, but have no prejudice against older titles. If you tell me that NHL 07 is the spiritual successor to NHL 95, then I'm sold. Anyway, simple controls, easy scoring and hard checks. I'll abuse sliders if I have to. Just looking to have some fun offline.

Thanks in advance.

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I have the stock 20GB and want more space. I don't, however, want to lose everything that I own and have worked for. Can someone talk me through or direct me to a way to upgrade my HDD? I think I've figured out that buying a refurb 120GB from gamestop may be the cheapest storage option, but then what? Thanks.

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Thanks, guys. I'll check some of these out! XBLA is especially appealing. There is something to be said for sitting on the couch with a big TV.

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I'm a slightly older gamer whose heydey was in the 8 and 16 bit era. Or I should say, back when we talked about bits. In those days, the turn based RPG was probably my favorite genre. Though all you needed to say was RPG and people knew what you meant.

It seems that the end has come for my favorite kind of game. Which is a shame, because for years my wife and I enjoyed grinding through nonsense JRPGs together on the couch after work. Not so sound even grouchier than I am, but any ideas why such games aren't made anymore?

Skyrim sounds great, but do all RPGs have to be action games with character building? Even turn based stuff like the Penny Arcade games ask just enough of the player that my wife checks out. Anyway, just curious what the thinking was. And also if you guys knew if I was missing any (yes, we've finished Dragon Quest VIII and even Enchanted Arms).

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You're attacking his opinions and presenting your own as fact. The FACT is that in my opinion, DMC4 sufferred from too much recycling of bosses/areas, not enough weapons nor innovation in same, and a spastically functional style switching system. You liked it more, and that's fine. But why do you care that I and many like me preferred the approach of 3? I guess I'M tired of people saying that if I don't like a game then I'm not playing it right.

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Still no luck.  And I made everything as public as possible.  Even signed up for their stupid partner marketing.  Is anyone else having this problem?

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No one else got any help for this?

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I went to the site and am not sure how to do that.  From what I can see, it already is!
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I hope this is the right place for this, but my achievements aren't showing upand it seems to be because my xbox live account is marked as "private."  Any way to fix this?

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Thanks.  I'm reinstalling the Claptrap one now and will look for Tartarus when it's done.  I appreciate your help.
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