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Dead Space is one of the most engrossing games this generation 0

Before Dead Space came out I was very skeptic about it's quality as a horror game, since the actual horror genre seemed to be replaced with mindless shooters. The pre-launch trailers didn't help change my mind since they were all focusing on the action, making this game look like Gears of War in space. Yes, I know this game doesn't feature any cover mechanics, but that's what I was thinking of everytime I saw the trailers. Fortunately I couldn't have been more wrong about it, and this game turne...

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Holds up really well and it's still a lot of fun in 2012 1

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a game released in 2001 to critical acclaim, developed by ID Software and the highly anticipated succesor to Wolfenstein 3D. The game starts with a pretty rushed cutscene where it tries to get you interested in the story and talks about some scientists involved in the paranormal, something about some fat chick and then they spend about 10 seconds talking about you, agent BJ Blazkowits. BJ, you know, like in blowjob.While this is more or less the story ( minus some...

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