Games, games and more games!

Since my last update I've dabbled in lots of 360 games, a couple PS3 titles and some PC and DSi games as well. Problem is, while the list is long there's an even longer list of games I'd like to try, if only I've had the time. Here's a quick summary of what's been on my mind:

- Starcraft 2: Nearing campaign completion, loving it, too scared to try my luck in multiplayer.

- Red Dead Redemption: Finished the main story line last night, will probably attempt to get some of the completionist achievements, also too scared to try my luck in multiplayer. Loved the way the story unravelled, not quite what I expected.

- Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero: Would LOVE to get my hands on these 2 and see what all the fuss has been about.

- Halo Reach: Ditto. I've played every Halo game (except for Halo Wars) and will definitely be giving this one a hard long look. The achievement for completing the campaign ALONE on Legendary is calling to me... damn my obsessive-compulsive ways!

- Civ V: Oh man, so afraid to touch this one. If I do, many sleepless nights lie ahead. Can't quite get it out of my head though.

- Modern Warfare 2: A little embarrassed about not having tried this one yet, will have to give it a go sometime soon.

There's more but this will have to do for now.