One of The Biggest Auctions In Eve s' history!

As I usually do everyday, I log on Eve at the night to check on my Planets and their research cycles as well as other things as finding some fun things to sell and hunt down. But when I log on I stumble upon this little article:

Seeing some old people leaving hurts a bit, but it leaves some room for new blood and a younger generation (with allot of ISK in their bank), to pick up these sweets that's now being auctioneered to the public. As I write this, the price of the whole 'shebang', is well around 257 BILLIONS ISK.
Always fun to read these kinds of things, brings the whole universe to an awaken state to watch and be a part of rare events such as this.
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CIV V, My pros and cons

... Do you keep dumbing your self down with the A.I? Sure, I knew about some of these things before I bought the game, but the A.I's stupidity makes me just want to quit the game I'm on some times. Over all, the game is awesome. Nice graphics (yay, thought in my opinion CIV3 were way superior in art-style in comparison to CIV4), sweet music, FINALLY!, and the change from the previous game. I don't know about others (Since I'm the only one in my friend-circle that plays any CIV game), but I think that CIV5 beats the 4 in many ways. Could do a tiny list down here to ease the whole thing up with pros and cons:
+ It's gameplay time feels faster
+ Addictive
+ Feels more worked through
- No Religions (When it comes to choosing and such whilst in the game)
- A.I
Just a tiny list of the things that I can come up with at the moment (it's late here at the moment and I'm sleepy), so it will do for now. 
If people have anything else to add to the pros/con-list, feel free to do so, I'd be more than happy to see others opinions of what they think of the new game.

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My best buy of the month

To complete the above; the best I've been able to buy this month just have to be Borderlands. Me and three more friends gathered and said we'd hit the deal on the 4-pack-deal for Borderlands on Steam. And I must say, at first I thought the game were going to be horrible and just plain boring, but after continuous of conversations and debates about the game, my good friend Forcen finally convinced me... Once again! Can't believe it either.
So after this, I've been playing it more or less non-stop. And I couldn't be more happy with purchase of the game. Anyways, this is all you get from me now, going back to playing the crap outa Borderlands. Leave me be! grrr!

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Chrono Trigger - A Trip Back In Time

Come to think of it, it has been a few years since I played this wonderful game of deliciousness. I never really liked these kinds of game as a kid. They were boring to me due to the immense amount of time it took to complete the games. Yes, I was an impatient young bastard once. But no more!
Any-who. That was the first game that made me the man I am today, an RPG playing arse. No I'm just joking with ya... about the arse-part.
Now about 10 years later (more or less), I picked this game up again. As my hands were sweating of excitement, I started this hype time traveling game. Come to think of it, the game still keeps up with todays game standard... When it comes to story and all character depths, if not above. A brilliant game of its generation.
I now have made it almost half way through the game, which have taken me some time (Had to remember all the hidden stuff and so on), and I am now om my way to the castle of Magus.
The feeling of this game is just incredible, you connect with the characters journey and the events they jump in to in a way I can only compare with one other game; Grandia 2. Yes. For those who are not familiar with this game, you just got to check it out, it's one of my favorite games of all time. Both games have the story of traveling young fighters, all with their own past, both bright and dark and extremely dark.
To those of you who have not played either Chrono Trigger or Grandia 2, you just got to try them out. I my self have had some amazing gaming experiences with those games.
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A Chronicle of My Own

So I've been having this idea for quite some time, and I've tried to make something likewise before, but it did not turn out as I wanted. But now, ladies and gents, I've finally gotten to the point where I've decided to do this. I'm gonna make my own story based upon the game EVE Online. Yes, the game, why EVE and not all the other games out there? well, first, it have one of the most developed stories that a game can offer, and it's deep, really deep.
So here it is, if you can, a review wouldn't be something I'd say no to:


 Other useful links:
Giantbomb EVE Section
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The worst game I've played this year.

Dungeon Runners. I mean comon, sure it's free, but there is absolutely noooo waaaay in hell, someone would spend time playing a pure (and a bad one) copy of World of Warcraft/D&D game like this (I would not). First of, the graphics are quite good, but is that the most essential part of a game? does that make the game living? No, it does not. 
The gameplay, oh the gameplay. It's a combination of D&D and WoW, sure it sounds like an awesome combo, but in my eyes it's just one of those horrible ripoffs that doesn't show any dedication.
So, that should describe why I don't like it as much as all the other games I've played this year.

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Dragon Age - Urn Puzzle *SOME SPOILERS*

So I've finally gotten through the Ruined Temple and are now digging deeper into the story. One of the things that I found fun, and at the same time, extremely hard (For me that is), was the puzzle situation. So, I don't know if any of you out there have had some difficulties with this platform-puzzle in the temple. But for those of you who think this is a hard part, and simply just can't understand how to do this, here's a slight push in the back!
Notification! I don't know if this puzzle is randomized with positions n' stuff, but this is how I got past it.

So, here comes the order of wich you should move your characters, and keep in mind, that only one can travel on the floating blocks.
Steps: 2,9,12  -->  (discard 9)  2,12, 4  -->  (discard 2)  7  (discard 12),  5  (discard 4), 8.
Now your characters should be on their way onto new adventures! *yaaay*

Dragon Age: Origins and LIQUOR!

So the days went by, I've had a few looks on the game, but I thought silently to my self, "This is not a game for me, I'm too busy with EVE!". The days to the release came closer and closer, and my friend Forcen had been stepping on my toes and telling me it would be a game for me. Still I did not listen to him. "Oh such a fool you've been!", I guess most of you are thinking now.

6th of November - 1 day after release
Until this day, I'd made up my mind about the purchase of the game. I was after the Collectors Edition of the game, but they were all sold out, except from one place, one tiny store in town had the Collectors Edition of  Dragon Age: Origins. Oh my, I was thrilled. (At this point, I had tiny men jumping up and down inside my head, screaming with happiness!) I went home to install the game, wich went quite fast to be honest, over expectations! Anyway!
After the installation reached it's end, I started to play. I dragged out my newly bought bottle of tasty liquor, poured it up in a tiny glass, and kept on playing and playing and playing. The hours went by, and soon I'd realized I'd played for 6 hours!
So to sum this all together in a nice little dough; I still play it, and I don't regret buying it! Now leave me be, I'm soon done with this monster! *Gowls*