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....It took me 30 minutes to beat the game last time I did it. Congrats to this guy!

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One of my favorite Ryan Davis moments, Happy Birthday you big ol Taswell

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Ah why not, I'll force you to carry one more shirt along.

2XL yo, hopefully I can pick it up early so you won't have to worry about it too long.

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Got all four days, hopefully will attend the GB meetup. In retrospect I shouldn't have flown in on the very first day but the hotels were already sold out by the time I got my tickets.

Anyhoo, looking forward to potentially meeting/hanging out with fellow Duders.

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I got into the queue about 5 minutes after it announced, waited roughly 10-20 minutes. Then got 4 1 day passes! so hyped

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I'm glad that Vinny will be able to share his joy with his family which is always super important. I can't wish Vinny anything other than happiness with all the laughs he's brought me over the years. It'll be sad not seeing Vin yuk it up with Jeff and the gang but I know he'll make it work.

Best of luck to you Vinny and enjoy coming home to New York!

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What an amazing rendition of Vinny, it should be Max's new favorite video!

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I could be the new official anime editor/sports editor.

Or at least the comic vine liaison.

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$70.77 million

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I'm going to cheat and say $80 million. I think it will do better this week than if it were going up against Rio 2.