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I'm going to cheat and say $80 million. I think it will do better this week than if it were going up against Rio 2.

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Laughed so hard at, THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE bit.

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You're a saint. A bonafide saint.

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Tragic for all the people who are now looking for new jobs. I hope that the bioshock pedigree on their resume speeds them to new studios.

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Using Firefox 26.0 on Win 7.

Only remains the fullscreen size when exiting fullscreen via the ESC key. If you push the fullscreen button on the player it resizes correctly.

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Yeah, after your CC is charged there should be an e-mail with a code inside.

Just checked, there's an e-mail with subject, "Your Giant Bomb store coupon code."

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The Target near me has a copy of X-men Destiny, for $60. That's outrageous.


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Smash up job on this mate!

Its so real I can hear the character select music in my brain as I look at it.

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I'm glad to have a giant list like this, been meaning to rewatch the 2012 GOTY videos. I miss you Ryan but your performances in Collect-SHUN and Hunk-a-dunk still make me smile.

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I remember that Summer Steam Sale image, Chun-li and Lara have their Big Toe on the wrong sides. They corrected that image and gave the Prince of Persia character glowing tattoos.

On Topic, that Lien story was interesting and sad at the same time.