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I got pretty lucky and even though I saw the tweet 10 minutes late, still managed to get tickets. Might also have a hand in bringing in two fellow Duders to Seatlle as well! Now I'm just waiting for @rorie to post about the GB meet up for this year :p

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I'm pretty hyped, well done

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I'm so sad that I'll have missed two Big Live Live Show Live parties. Hope you all have a blast!

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That was the first time someone has ever recognized my Luchadeer shirt in 3+ years of convention going (other than Matthew Rorie). Pretty chuffed that finally someone has given a proper GB shoutout to me, I've managed to call out a few shirts in the wild (Bombduders at Long Beach Comic Expo and GB2013 member shirt at a chinese restaurant).

Have other Bombers seen Giant Bomb shirts out in the wild? Make sure to call that out! Post anytime you've seen GB reppin'

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77.7 Million is my Fur7ous prediction~ Even though it will be more than that!

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I would watch the Duders open and use a hot dog toaster cause I love weird videos like that. I kind of want them to do that fast food blind taste test challenge, maybe on the Big Live Live Show Live.

An audio podcast would be cool as well, that's more content for me to consume

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I still think about you Ryan. I miss you but you always bring a big smile to my face.

Love, Ryan Davis.

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I want a zip up hoodie, Jeff teased us a long time ago with a prototype but then GB went pull over for cost reasons.

I should prob get that metal gear scanlon one, to watch while they go through MGS3

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67 Million since I just slapped my keyboard and those are the numbers I hit

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Because Drew is a man among men. and I mostly wanted an excuse to post this video from a year ago that I just saw.

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Its just beautiful.