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I would watch the Duders open and use a hot dog toaster cause I love weird videos like that. I kind of want them to do that fast food blind taste test challenge, maybe on the Big Live Live Show Live.

An audio podcast would be cool as well, that's more content for me to consume

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I still think about you Ryan. I miss you but you always bring a big smile to my face.

Love, Ryan Davis.

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I want a zip up hoodie, Jeff teased us a long time ago with a prototype but then GB went pull over for cost reasons.

I should prob get that metal gear scanlon one, to watch while they go through MGS3

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67 Million since I just slapped my keyboard and those are the numbers I hit

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Because Drew is a man among men. and I mostly wanted an excuse to post this video from a year ago that I just saw.

Its just beautiful.

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Nobody wins.

That Dyling Light Quicklook was fantastic, Vinny really brought his a game

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I was thinking that gif can't be right. but I guess at most there would be 52 UPFs and actually less than that due to E3 and holidays. Still pretty neat to see, they even keep the camera in pretty much the same frame!

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cheapy sennehsier hd 201 and 202s, then I have a $100 sony MDR7506 that I never use cause I don't want to replace something so expensive.

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Came in to have a looksie. I rewatched a few Bebop episodes recently cause I bought the blu-ray rerelease, still think it holds up. The Kenshin I rewatched, not so much. From what I remember Kenshin is pretty good through the ShiShi-O arc then they made up their own plot and it fell off the rails. Ippo is a typical shonen sports anime, I enjoyed it but recognize it for what it is. I actually meant to watch the Hellsing OVAs so curious if that's any good.

Oddly enough on Sunday I ended up watching all 12 episodes of Noragami on netflix in one sitting. I have mixed feelings on the tropes they use but I felt like the back story and universe are very interesting.

Anyway, thanks for writing up your thoughts and get back to producing more bangers like Neon Glow

Ahhh why not, here are some AMVs I like (though they all have spoiler footage)

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@mb: Maybe its a testament to the healthy respect the GB community has for Scoops and how we all miss him.

I can't claim to understand the decision but I know Patrick believes in it so I wish him all the best.

GB has a big Jurassic Park cup sized hole in its heart.

Missing You Scoops