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@rorie: I want to say its one of the later I Love Mondays based on this green screen behind him when they were still doing produced ones, as opposed to freeform camera is rolling in the office ones.

Edit: actually maybe its TANG or WUTANG, aka I have no idea and am not helping.

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What's funny is that my initial impression is how much faster this version is than previous ones. What I hear about improvements done as far as leveling and exp share, seems like it'd go much quicker. The menu has always been kind of terrible since I believe the GBA days. At some point I'm going to turn off battle animations to speed things up but right now they're targeting me in the nostalgias.

I should name all my pokemon after the Animal Crossing villagers I've left behind.

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Well, it makes sense why those guys were there for that Idle Thumbs podcast now. Still, we'll see what becomes of it.

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I cried and laughed my ass off. Much love CAH and everyone who had a Ryan moment to share.

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I feel a better tribute is the Ryan is a Narc shirt, but that's also one of my favorites. I think if you change the first word, people will understand.

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I think 999 has a better story though VLR certainly has better systems that makes certain things less tedious. There are a decent amount of callbacks to 999 that would enhance your enjoyment of VLR but I wouldn't call it strictly necessary.

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I bet he would really be digging the Salty Bet nonsense and ribbing the shit outta Brad for his descent into the Dota rabbit hole.

Fuck man, you're right.

When I play Saints Row 4, there's a part of me that thinks, "Ryan would absolutely love this shit" and I get very melancholy that he never was able to play it.