Pokemon Black/White Decisions Decisions

For those how care, Pokemon Black and White are coming on Spring 2011, but since they are 2 how do you decide which one to peak? 
They are some things to keep in mind like: 

  • The exclusive pokemon for each version 
  • The name and box art
  • Or just wait for the version that will unite them (like Emerald or Platinum)
  • Or just buy them both ($$$)
Personally I take in considerations the Pokemon that are exclusive for each game and peak the ones I like most, how about you?
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I have spend practically all day watching the rescue of the miners from Chile, right now they are at number 19, it is very exciting and emotional. For some reason this reminds me of an episode of a series some guy is doing while playing Minecraft

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You don’t know what you have until you lose it, this can happened with friends, family, pets, houses, etc. The thing is that is always tragedy, yesterday we were reminded of this because of a fire. Learn to appreciate what you have, you could miss it. 

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It's not hard fore me to believe that Nintendo has been able to surpass the 30 MILLION consols sold in the US, it is still very popular and I have to admit that I am part of tha cause that that hapend. 
Congrats Nintendo and give me my copi of the new Zelda game ;)
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Yesterday I spend most of my time looking for quests to complit, I haven't done some of the easy ones because I haven't seen some of the videos but I am planing to some day.
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I am starting to find a lot of fan fiction on my faborit series and most of the things a have read aren't that bad, some are so well done that I wish they were parte of the real story.
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There were a lot of interesting news yesterday and the day before, I mean look Torchlight 2, Pokemon, Batman, etc. that was just the best :)
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Future of gaming

What are your thought on the future of 3D gaming, is it just a trend or will it evolve eventually into those helmets things we used to see on cartoons or movies about the “future”?

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