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Multimedia art disgused as a very playable game 0

Flower is unique, at least in my experience. Many games have blurred the boundaries between an innovative piece of art and a fantastic gaming experience. Okami, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and many others have pushed the definitions of video games from what is known to a realm where immersion into a splendidly realized environment takes priority over flash and mayhem and/or extensive plot. However, of the games I have played, Flower accomplishes what few have: a totally immersive game experi...

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An amazing little... 0

...everyday shooter. The last game of this type I really played much of was probably Asteroids, so this format is fresh to me. I realize that this game is very similar to quite a few out there now, but I love it. Simple but challenging (if you want the high score) gameplay, with psychedelic visuals and a listenable solo guitar riff audio track make this a game that Ive been playing a couple of rounds a day. My partner actually caught me humming one of the riffs yesterday..... Using the points...

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If it wasn't a Ghostbusters game.... 0

....I'm not 100% sure I would have sat through the whole thing. It certainly would have received a lower score. I love the movies; yes, I am one of the seemingly few who actually likes the second and watches both from time to time. I had a proton pack as a kid, and remember going to the drive-in movies three or four times to watch the second movie and Batman back to back. I even watched the cartoon religiously during its run.....those were the days. Like many, I heard that this game was suppo...

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