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My brother is a QA tester for this game and says its amazing. We however have diversely different tastes in games, so I'll wait and see.

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I think there should be a subtitle to the event "Recorded Earlier From A Live Broadcast."

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Man Kevin Spacey wants his face back. Finally got it after umteen clues

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Kinda looks like a slightly more polished, and Sci-Fi    Crimecraft.

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@Brontes_Muse said:

" @jim_dandy: italian made western are not spaghetti westerns.  That name derived from cheap black and white westerns on early TV on during dinner time.  Like Maverick.  People would eat dinner and watch them.   
Edit: Since writing this I proved myself wrong by looking it up on wikipedia.  Now that I look at my explanation it seems absurd.  However It's what I was told once, and I believed it.  Spaghetti westerns are made by italians.   "

That's what you get for believing everything you read from the bottom of  Snapple caps. 
On Topic: This game looks really fun. I regularly play a HL2 mod called Fistful of Frags and this could be a good successor to that.
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The way the first video ended, with the still frame zoom, It seemed like it was going to say "In loving memory of Fumito Ueda 1979- 2009" like on a TRU TV show or something.

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Al3xand3r said:
Personally, I simply cannot see who Sony intends to market this to. What does it have for 100% new users? ... [more]
Refreshing to read a nice thought out post once in a while. +1 Rationality points.
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@TheKidNixon: has all the info you need. Basically G-Force added all the cut footage from Battle of the Planets to more faithfully adhere to the storyline.
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This site really is blossoming into something really special.  Nice feature!

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Definitively want to pick up Infinite Undiscovery ,  and PURE. Have a $10.00 RZ certificate too so it'll be nice if I can find them both on Sunday.