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@video_game_king said:

Hopefully, he's learned something from the Daikatana advertising campaign. Especially given today's cultural climate...

He didn't even want that advertising back then. It was all due to "miscommunication" with the guy running PR. Also he had some very innovative ideas with Daikatana for the time. The problem was that he thought he could do it with a development team made up of inexperienced modders. I think it will be interesting to see what he comes up with. If he will just try to cash in on nostalgia or actually do something interesting.

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This kind of thing is a really bad idea unless the developer makes it painfully obvious that the cause is that the game knows it is pirated. Otherwise it will only make the people who "TryBeforeBuy" start spreading word of mouth that the game is broken/buggy witch will not only make that person definitely not pay for it but also other potential buyers. Which is just bad business.

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The picture included in the RSS-feed is usually from the wrong article.
Example: That "Smooth Balls" Pure Pools thing shows a picture of Watch Dogs.

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FM Horizon had time of day and dirt, None if which are in FM5. The one big thing missing from Horizon was tuning so you could make beasts of cars but you couldn't tame them. Also they made the Honda CRX a fucking "unicorn" so I couldn't get my real life car but the AI could keep taunting me by driving it. A car that btw isn't hard to find IRL and dirt cheap if you do... but I'm not bitter...

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Three biggest news of the week.

3. Worlds biggest democracy just had an election.

2. We're coming up to the elections for the European Union.

1. Video Engineer at Video Game website is moving.

My priorities are a bit effed up..

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I don't think it is the work time he put in to it. After all he's been running his rocket business on the side as well. It is probably that he used Doom 3 to help the development of early prototypes and to bring attention to the Oculus that they are claiming for.

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@mooseymcman said:

I really liked this game, but not enough to drop another $60 for a better version. So, hopefully it won't be $60?

It's $60.

If they offer an upgrade option for owners of the PS3-version I'd consider replaying it. However I suspect you can get a used copy of the PS3 version for too cheap from GameStop by now that it wouldn't make financial sense?

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What about including the video thumbnail image in the RSS feed?

It would make it a lot quicker and easier to identify content while scrubbing through the feed.

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Facebook, the website, is a bit of a cancer and they don't have any good way to monetize their own product but so far I don't think they have messed up any of the things they've bought have they?

I think they have all this money but no business model so they are trying to buy the next big thing before the bubble bursts.

I hope they don't try to interfere with the vision over at Oculus. Luckily I think that it is in Facebook's interest to let them do their thing and just leverage the results not trying to steer them in a new course.

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