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@mooseymcman said:

I really liked this game, but not enough to drop another $60 for a better version. So, hopefully it won't be $60?

It's $60.

If they offer an upgrade option for owners of the PS3-version I'd consider replaying it. However I suspect you can get a used copy of the PS3 version for too cheap from GameStop by now that it wouldn't make financial sense?

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What about including the video thumbnail image in the RSS feed?

It would make it a lot quicker and easier to identify content while scrubbing through the feed.

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Facebook, the website, is a bit of a cancer and they don't have any good way to monetize their own product but so far I don't think they have messed up any of the things they've bought have they?

I think they have all this money but no business model so they are trying to buy the next big thing before the bubble bursts.

I hope they don't try to interfere with the vision over at Oculus. Luckily I think that it is in Facebook's interest to let them do their thing and just leverage the results not trying to steer them in a new course.

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The sense of presence you get even with the Rift Dev Kit with its low-res screen-door effect display and only 3DOF really is "holy shit!". Even in games with relatively crude and spartan graphics or dull gameplay can be transformed into a satisfying explorational experience just by the sense of actually being inside it.

But if we limit ourselves to the 2D displays of the next-gen consoles I think we will see great strides perhaps not in visual fidelity but in dynamic/procedural animation and interactive environments and physics. Graphics pretty much is "good enough" as it is and the things that is lagging are the other areas. I will however not miss blurry textures. Why do we still have those? HL2 had sharp textures gattemit..

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@swedmiro said:

Swedish price on sites right now is: 5490SEK, roughly 840USD.

They always have the pre-order price intentionally high until they know the actual price. Also that is including moms (VAT for you non swedes) and $499 is without sales tax.

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This god damned game has made me listen to hymns.. on youtube.. voluntarily! That version of Will the circle be unbroken is really good. Especially when you sit there paralyzed from the ending just staring at nothing for a few minutes.

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Why are people just talking about Star Wars games? What about the important LucasArts IPs/Franchises?

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People on the internet are stupid and care to much about small things and not enough about big things? Really? Also I heard that the sky is blue and water is wet. What else is new? =P

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I almost wish I hadn't been a completionist that always does all the side missions before progressing and managed to save everyone. I never looked at a guide or walkthru and I never went back to an earlier save in any of the games.. I managed to save everyone except Yeoman Chambers. I sort of miss her now that I know she could be saved but I almost wish I'd lost someone major like Patrick did. It makes his story more interesting and unique.

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BREAKING NEWS! now part of the family of websites!

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