Battlefield 3 "Decorated"

FINALLY! I just got this achievement! i'm super happy i finally did it and I was using Assault class lol! I was all over forums trying to figure out a good strategy to get one but everyone said use LMG's and a bunch of people said sniper and i had no luck with either. But today, I hopped on to play a round with a friend on conquest and got the map Operation Metro. that map is good for getting mass kills but suppression is like "ok shoot them but don't kill them...just shoot very close to them" so retarded! But hey I love Battlefield Series Since 1943. I'm also extremely pleased that I got this cheevo before Karkand comes out this Tuesday. Because you know that they have more achievements with DLC. Anyway I just needed to tell everyone i finally did it!


What's with the SSFIV AE HATE!?

i saw it finally came out and got it right away because sf is awesome and my gf bought me the points to buy it so no complaints there either lol. I gotta say it didn't sound as pleasing as it is to play it. everyone is hating the new chars but they aren't even OP. I just don't get the hate though. people I know won't even play or get AE, they said that's the end of ssf4 for them. I'm happy i bought this and I like the changes it brought to certain characters. Sure your saying guile is the suxxor now but in reality he isn't uber dmg anymore and now more balanced for the cast..ryu got toned down even tho when I read the changes for him it sounded like he got buffed lol. so if you HATE SSF4 AE...why?


OMFG Makoto changes sound amazing!

" Normals
-cr.LK has more range
-st.LK is now kara-cancellable
-cr.HK attack box extended, and the damage box has been lowered slightly, making it easier to use as an anti-air
-cr.HP has slightly more active frames
-F+LP has a 3 frame startup (formerly 4 frames)

-EX Hayate is now armor-break, has a slightly faster startup
-Fukiage, when the arm is fully extended, the hittable box from her chest up is now barely there, while the attack box is extended, so there are now almost no cases where it trades or is stuffed. It still can't hit grounded opponents however. The start up for all versions have been revised (I'd assume to be faster)
-EX Tsurugi is now similar to EX Cannon Strike in what height the technique can be executed (instant EX Tsurugi?)
-UC1 damage distribution has been changed. It still does the same total damage, but because of the change, will do more when the scaling kicks in.
-UC2 has a faster startup

-1000 Health
-The movement frames for forward and back dash have been reduced very slightly (making them faster). Because of this, now HP Hayate > FADC > cr.LK (and some other normals) > LP Hayate now combos. This vastly improves her mix-up game (throw or attack?) "
how awesome is this..this patch can't come soon enough


Makoto Changes

i gotta say the Mak transition did not go well. everything changed about her..she walks like she has a stick up her ***. karakusa range is shorter then her hands :(. but it's so much fun to play her. when I beat someone with Makoto it feels awesome..don't get me wrong i've lost to scrubs because of fireball spamming shoryuken wakeup everytime bull. I have to say the BIGGEST upset is there is NO hayate TAUNT! that had to be the first thing I tried to do when I played ssf4 for the first time. Almost made me cry. there are only three things I want changed..karakusa start up a bit quicker or recovery better and more least to where her hands go. hayate recovery better..I can't stand a blocked hayate into thawk grab *sigh*. and the hayate taunt..for the love of whoever you pray too. pray they add the hayate taunt! you'll understand when you use it!