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Worth the wait? 0

As it's been stated on the bombcast and in many different places this is a game that's development has spanned many years for one reason or another. In the end the product they delivered was polished, but a little disappointing. When I played it at pax in the past I always enjoyed the game in short bursts. The mini game where you collect gold blocks and deliver them to the safe seemed simple and yet deep enough to turn into a really fun party game. Then seeing it year after year lead to larger e...

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Shameless cash grab, save your money 0

Someone on another site said it best: This is $48 worth of in-app purchases looking for a game.I saw the preview video after the teaser site went live and I was kind of excited. It seemed like a neat little battle system that surely had more to it than the gameplay they showed in the video. Turns out I was half right. The more to it is the ability to spent more money. However, there is nothing more on the substance side of things.This is not a game. you tap the screen a bunch and wait for bar to...

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Fun with friends. 0

It's easy to say Terraria is 2D minecraft, and hell I think I've said that to several people who have asked me about it, but it's much more than that. It takes minecraft concepts and puts a real game around it (a fun one at that). You do all the minecraft things like chopping down trees, smashing up stones, and building a shelter, but you end up exploring massive dungeons with boss fights, discovering underground forests, and using your jetpack to fly a floating island. This game has depth! I...

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A great PSP time waster 0

I'm not sure how many people use their portable devices in this fashion, but I am the type of person who picks up a psp for 20minutes before bed or while on a bus. Half-Minute Hero is the perfect game for that type of situation. Each level is self contained and takes a maximum of 5minutes to complete. That's not to say that they are all simple. As the game progresses the levels get more complex, and the two optional missions are less obvious.   The art style is cute, and the dialog pokes fun at ...

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A great intro to a deep card game. 0

This game should appeal to new comers to the magic universe and those who have not played in awhile. However, will leave any active magic players wanting more.First if you've played magic in the past this is a great way to get in and learn some of the new rules that have been added recently (combat damage has chagned a lot!). Of course they don't actually tell you that these rules are so you are forced to read up on it on the internet. Second if you've never played magic this is a great place to...

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