Me? A video game podcaster?

Myself and some friends of mine have been doing the Podcast for Twingalaxies (of King of Kong fame) for quite some time now, it's a monthly cast, and a volunteer effort.  I find myself wondering how many gamers out there would be interested in competitive gaming if they got a taste of it.  It's taken all of my willpower (and the fact that I don't own a tripod) to keep myself from picking a random NES game to attempt high scores on since we started.  
A lot of people feel that the achievement systems in place by the modern consoles eliminates the need for a website to keep track of current game scores, but with the advent of turbo controllers, "save anywhere" functionality and, lets face it, cheaters, having a video record of someone actually playing for a high score that is then vetted by a third party holds value.  Curious to see if anyone stumbles on this and has an opinion.