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My biggest sin is that I literally don't have a video card. I've got a small form factor Dell PC with 8gigs of memory and a core i3. I'd love to stop rocking integrated Intel HD graphics but finding a video card small enough to fit in the case is not a game of trial and error I'm willing to play right now. The game actually seems pretty responsive with most settings turned off load times feel reasonable maybe 30 seconds or so... My only complaint is that trying to play from my Couch makes 90% of the game text totally unreadable no matter what screen resolution I set.

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At the very least i would love to see the sales numbers of how many "BALLER TIME" custom shoes have been sold in the past week.

White, Gold and dark blue appear to be the colors. thanks to @mrpope's twitter feed. Also BALLER TIME is in all caps which is fitting.

Goddamnit Ryan is awesome, and will always be awesome until the end of linear time.

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@wickedslapshot3 said:

I didn't know it till afterwards but I needed this. Just hearing the guys celebrating his life brought a smile to my face and stopped the tears. We can all take something from the way Ryan lived and use it to make us all better human beings.

I couldn't agree more.

I've been in a much better mood since i listened. It got maudlin at the end there, but goddamnit it's supposed to be, it made me feel normal again knowing that as upset as I've been about this, his dearest friends and family have it so much tougher and are really pulling together to get through. It put my mood in serious perspective and allowed me to realize I should really be focused on how positive an impact Ryan had on my life and be a better person for it. For me it was a 2 hour therapy session.

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Can't even process this. I'm staring at an unlistened to bombcast and I don't know when I'm going to be able to listen to it.

Echoing everyone's sentiment that after all these years of podcasts Ryan felt like family.

Hell I've probably listened to him talk more than most members of my actual family.....

Ryan was awesome. He will be missed.

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Maaaaan.... the 1313 panel at Celebration VI was actually really cool and they showed a lot of the game. Looked like Mass Effect + Starwars.

That being said, hopefully Disney really curates the license a bit better than their other properties if they're going to a distributed model. Last time I checked, games featuring the Mouse himself (Castle of Illusion excepted) have been worse by several orders of magnitude than anything LucasArts ever did.

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@deerokus: The homicide rate definitely factors in, but the UK's rape rate is over twice as high as the US... the "assualt" rate is also twice as high... the UK has the worst overall crime rating in Europe. Both places have their problems... I just wanted to point out that Games and Guns aren't it... not really, and there will soon be scientific data to back that up for Games like there has been for guns for years. And people will continue to ignore it... :)

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While I understand the sentiment that having a CDC study available to point to and say "See there's no proof that violent games cause violence!" sounds like it'll help...

But Trust me, the CDC has done gun research that says an assault weapons ban does not impact violent crime, and less than 3% of violent crime is committed with "assault rifles." Those results have been on the books for quite some time, and having those facts on hand does absolutely nothing to influence the type of people who are anti game or anti gun, they simply don't care about the facts, they just want "feel good" legislation because it's "common sense"...

These are the same people who think the UK has it better... when the violent crime rate in the UK is actually worse they just have less "gun" crime... but guess what, getting shanked or set on fire by a Chav isn't any better or worse than being shot, you're still dead, or in a coma, or permanently damaged for the rest of your life...

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I don't think the NRA app is all that weird. They came out and said "We think video games blah blah..." because a calm message of "look, there's no evidence that guns cause violent crime, and getting rid of them definitely doesn't stop violent crime.. here is the data to support that..." won't be heard. That data has been out there for years and people continue to ignore it because they're irrational.

The App is basically backing up what they said "We think games influence kids.. so here's an app that incorporates gun safety into its message." Like I said, not that weird.

What's weird is the rabidly anti-gun politicians (Freinstein, Schumer.. others) who roll around with concealed carry permits and teams of taxpayer provided armed guards.... That's weird.

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Also chiming in for jar time, it's easily my favorite subscriber content.

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Does The Show have a mode similar to 2k12s career mode where you play a single position? I just saw that mode of 2k12 and it seems like a really cool take on videogame baseball.

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