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RIP Satoru Iwata, the industry has lost a giant :'(

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Mostly on my ipad (with the video buddy which is an awesome app). During lunch breaks I will use my laptop at work. On rare occasions I will through it on the tv through roku.

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Damn it Patrick!!! I know its selfish not wanting anyone from the team to leave, but I guess that is life. THANK YOU not only for the great content you produced, but also for being so passionate about your points of view. I did not always agree, but I always respected the intelligent discussions you brought up. Best of luck on all your future adventures!

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Vampire Hunter D and The Professional: Golgo 13

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Reasonable part of me is telling me don't get too excited. That show was so unique to the time that I don't know if it can be recreated. On the other hand, what's the worse that can happen? If it sucks, it sucks. There will always be the original two seasons (and the movie) to look back on. And if it is awesome, then we can all enjoy more twin peaks.

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My condolences to Jeff and his family. My prayers with all of them.

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The Professional Golgo 13 and Fist of the North Star.

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Congrats Vinny!

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The sting is still there and probably always will be. But definitely raising a glass in the memory of one hell of a man.

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Feliz cumpleaños Ryan! You will always be missed.