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The sting is still there and probably always will be. But definitely raising a glass in the memory of one hell of a man.

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Feliz cumpleaños Ryan! You will always be missed.

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There is nothing out there that I want to play. I will make the transition, but why sink $400-$500 right now for nothing that I am excited about? I actually waited until Bioshock came out before I bought a 360, so I think I will wait for an exclusive big release before I take the plunge on a new system.

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We have had a queen bed for the past 4 years. My wife really wants a king size bed though, so we will be upgrading next time around.

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Im a sucker for most lore. The only one that I never really got interested in was D&D lore (although I played D&D throughout college). Recently I have been reading up on Warhammer 40k. If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be Shadowrun.

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Dont drink it often, but definitly tea. Green tea, specifically (Tazo brand Green tea is fantastic). Dont really care for the taste of coffee (smells fantastic, but way too bitter for my taste).

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All the podcasts I listen to have ads, so it does not bother me. Plus, I enjoyed how Jeff read the ad. In the end, if having ads on the podcast means I get to enjoy all the other content that is produced, then I am all for it. I do appreciate the effort of having an ad-free version for premium members though.

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It's great that you are thinking of your current coworkers, but you have to look out for yourself first.

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Professional athletes are ultimately entertainers. The difference being of course, that the entertainment they provide is competing in a particular sport. As long as people pay to view them, they will have these salaries. I am not offended, nor am I jealous of athletes and the amount of money they make. They spend their entire lives sacrificing, training, and working to play at that level.

I personally have an issue with reality "stars", but that is a different topic.

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If you know who the hiring manager is, address email to him/her (same thing with the cover letter). I agree that you should tailor each application to the specific company and position.