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Polished, addictive and packed full of content, XBLA perfection. 3

Trials Evolution is the perfect XBLA game, the result of seven years of refinement to the groundbreaking downloadable medium that is Live Arcade. It is not only one of the most polished titles on the service, but it's also a more complete package than many physical, £40 titles. I've still got at least another three or four paragraphs to go of this review and I'm already struggling to think of anything I don't like about this game. I'll give it my best try.If you're familiar with XBLA, chances ar...

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Interesting, charming and magical, but sometimes too obtuse 0

Fez delivers a fresh, evocative take on puzzle-platforming. It's environments are varied and strangely beautiful despite the retro sprite-driven camp that pervades the entire game's image, and it carries a decent amount of content for it's budget 800msp asking price. However, Fez isn't my favourite XBLA game this year (in fact, as Trials Evolution is out tomorrow, it won't even be my favourite XBLA game this week), and it is every bit obtuse and frustrating as it is magical.The basic concept of ...

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A technically impressive, often clunky, well-intentioned title. 0

As it's been out for a little while already I'll run through the plot and release details quickly. Resi Revs is the first effort at a fully-fledged Resident Evil game on the 3DS, and features an entirely original plot in which Jill (of Resi 1 fame) and Chris (of 'hope this isn't his blood fame) run around a spooky cruise ship shooting monsters. There's more to it than that, but although there's a valiant effort at making this game something of a proper story experience, there's very little plotw...

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Codemasters proving their consistent brilliance yet again 0

Formula 1 is my favourite sport, and I don't know why any redblooded male wouldn't like it. It has everything an overexcited young man could want - fast cars, loud noises, inspiring displays of sportsmanship and skill... and women with big knockers holding up signs. F1 2011 gets all of these right (except the women, but I haven't finished it yet, maybe that's a bonus level).While a fun racing game, Codemasters F1 2010 was a bit of a disappointment for many fans. Advertised as an F1 simulation, i...

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Dead Island (or more like 7/10 Island?) 0

Dead Island, though announced back in the age of Red Rings and COD4, came to prominence only recently, when a moving, original CGI trailer was released. This led many viewers to expect an emotive, compelling zombie game, one that focused on story and character instead of walking corpses. It's also for this reason many critics of Dead Island feel let down, although if they base their expectations of a game purely on the CGI bits then I hate to think how perpetually disappointing the Final Fantasy...

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Shoddy porting can't stop the sheer magic seeping through 0

It's only the middle of the month and I've purchased more games in September than I have in the last 8 months put together. It would be nice if I had ample time to play them all, but at the moment my existence is dedicated solely to the pursuit of painting conservatory walls, playing Scrabble alone and crying myself to sleep. Uhh, let's get on with it.Resident Evil 4 is, as I already mentioned, the best game of all time. There hasn't been a game this generation which even nears RE4's levels of p...

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Multiplayer heaven, single player hell 0

I've been slightly stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to keeping up with the times recently. Apart from indulging in nostalgia with San Andreas and MGS HD Collection, the only other videogame I've purchased recently has been COD-Beater Battlefield 3. After my stunning praise of Modern Warfare 3 back on release, it's hard to see how BF3 can beat such a consistently perfect masterpiece. My sarcasm reserves are evidently bottomless.Lets get one thing clear - this review isn't going to touch the ...

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GTA: Corrupt me harder 0

Having recently blasted through a bit of gorgeous mid-00's nostalgia replaying San Andreas, and with the release of GTA V glinting in the distance like the eyes of Lindsay Lohan stumbling, stoned towards traffic up the I-88, it seemed like a good time to finally catch up with GTA IV's two downloadable episodes. I was never a great advocate of GTA IV in the first place, but I'd heard these two half-games cure all of the vanilla badness. And what I'd heard was correct, they really do improve on th...

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Unique ideas that push the limits of the budget experience 0

You just can't keep a good thing down. I Am Alive is a seemingly inconspicuous Xbox Live Arcade release that's had a secretly rocky past stretching all the way back to E3 2006. Yep, it's taken over half a decade for this plucky little title to finally come into my hands, and as someone who leaps on anything post-apocalyptia with joy (like some kind of rabid Slayer fanboy) I've been hotly anticipating it all these years. Does it live up to my expectations, or does it suck harder than a nuclear-po...

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