Let's Play: The Matrix Path of Neo

Heyoo, after a looong (1 year) hiatus, Ryan and I got back under the covers and are doing one of these things again! Since it's been such a long time, we decided we'd ditch Dead Space and come back into this fresh and proper with a new game; Enter: The Matrix Path of Neo.

So yeah, we're super excited to be back doing this stuff, and are working to build an audience to support all of our creative endeavors (not just let's play videos). In addition to Path of Neo, we will also be posting the last of the Max Payne episodes at some point (whenever ryan is done making gams), and are exploring/brainstorming all kinds of other ideas for content to put up on the Let's Videogame channel.

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Episode One: Videogames on the Internet

Episode Two: COOL GUY

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The state of Let's Play.

Posting this really quick to inform anyone on here that the Max Payne Let's Play me and were working on is finally finished. The hiatus ended right before Christmas, and we'll be posting new videos every other day until it's done.

Here are all the latest episodes from where we last left off:

EPISODE 16: An Error of Comedies

EPISODE 17: Strafing is for Suckers

EPISODE 18: F5 For Victory

EPISODE 19: The Curse of Max Payne

EPISODE 20: Max Just Exploded

EPISODE 21: Shooting Randy Quaid's Tubes

EPISODE 22: Men With Bullets, Very Good

We also have a dedicated Youtube channel, and a website, where we will be posting our next Let's Play exclusively. The website is still being put together, and the youtube channel is a little bit behind on the Max videos (mostly because we hadn't told anyone about the site or youtube channel until episode 22 of the LP).

So yeah, we're still doing this stuff.


The end of the hiatus is on the horizion

In case you forgot, me and Ryan (Blazehedgehog) were doing a play through of Max Payne. We didn't go into too much detail on it, but we were forced to go on a temporary hiatus after my car broke down. After a couple of months of believing it was a pricey timing belt that needed to be replaced, we got a hold of a mechanic that would come by the house and check the car out free of charge. Fortunately for me, it turns out it was one of my spark plug cables shorting out, which is much easier and cheaper to replace.

I should have my car fixed within the first week of July, meaning we'll be able to get back together and record the rest of the Max Payne LP sometime after the 8th of July.


[Let's Play] Max Payne (all aboard the Payne train)

After the moderate success of our Dead Rising 2: Case Zero LP, we've decided to go ahead and do another one, this time for noir PC classic MAX PAYNE. Max Payne is a cop on the edge with nothing to lose, and he spends most of the game chasing his thirst for revenge after his family is murdered by drug junkies. Max Payne marks one of the first games to bare homage to "The Matrix" with a central core game mechanic revolving around Max's ability to slow down time for as long as he has enough sand in his hour glass. Developers Remedy Entertainment take full advantage of this feature by making Max incredibly fragile - even at full health, a couple wrong moves is all it takes to end his vendetta. Max Payne is also a PC game from the days before checkpointing became "a thing", so you're fully expected to manually save your game whenever you deem it necessary (pro-tip: ALWAYS SAVE AFTER EVERY FIRE FIGHT.). Join us, as we discover this fact the hard way!

Episode List:

#1 - Living life a Quarter-Pounder at a Time 

#2 - Smarter than the Average Payne

#3 - Wait, what's this game about again?

#4 - "They made a euthanism!" (?) #5 - Press the Use Key to Load the Last Saved Game

#6 - Bullets Instead of Bananas #7 - They don't make games like this anymore

#8 - I guess Max DOES take fall damage! 

#9 - The First Intermission 

#10 - I Believe in Payne

#11 - Space Babies

#12 - Exactly like Diablo in Every Way

#13 - Everybody is a Horse (AKA The Max-Payniverse)

#14 - Rage Quit 

#15 - The Second Intermission 

Complete playlist: Here


Let's Play 'DR2: Case Zero' Rages on! New Episodes Daily!


Hey folks, episodes 2 and 3 of mine and Blazehedgehog's Let's Play of 'Dead Rising 2: Case Zero' are live. Watch them by clicking the hyperlinks below!
Episode 1: I hope you like loading screens, cuz I sure do
Episode 2: Starring Hank Azaria as Gilgamesh
Episode 3: Vomit humor! It's hilarious!  
Episode 4: I can get down on some party sluts   
Episode 5: Nerf or Nothin'     
Episode 6: Hey, it's Jeff Gerstmann!  
Episode 7: Big girls don't cry 
Episode 8: Two voices in my head  
We've also compiled a handy dandy playlist which you can view here.

If you dig what we're doing, subscribe! Episodes will be posted daily, until we finish the game. 
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Let's Play: DR2: Case Zero Episode 1

Hey everybody, here's the first episode in mine and Blaze's Let's Play of Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. 

This episode is mostly nothing but cut-scene, so its kind of dry. It picks up in the second episode.  
Leave comments and give feedback! 

Lets Play Two Worlds 2 is dead. New LP on its way

So, I know I had a few people interested in my Lets Play of Two Words Two, and I am deeply sorry for not posting any other episodes. I have something like, 3 other episodes recorded, that I just can not get Adobe Premiere to render. I've asked for help on other forums, and have tried countless times to get them to render, and I just can't, for the life of me, get it to work.  
So in the death of that LP, a new one is born. This morning, me and my cousin recorded a LP of Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. So expect that soon! We think it went really well, and will definitely be doing more, especially if this one is well received.    
Stay Tuned!


Lets play Two Worlds 2

For some reason I decided to do a LP of this.    

So far the game is pretty slow. I still haven't been able to just wander off on my own like you could in the first game.      
Oh and I guess I should mention this is on-going. I have two other episodes already recorded, I just cant get premiere to actually render them. Keeps freezing or coming up with some weird error.