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A game that i feel went in the wrong direction 0

If you actually remember 2004’s Final Fantasy’s Online also classed as Final Fantasy 11, you will certainly remember the disappointment when the game hit shelves and you played it for the first time. Again for Square Enix’s 12 editions to the series, Final Fantasy XII’s disappointment gushes from this game, from the moment you press start to the moment the end credits role. Die Hard Final Fantasy fans will be disappointed to hear that the greatly loved classic battle system of the previous game...

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A meh game with bad Camera and bad Dialogue 0

Ok we all know of or have played Io Interactive’s Hitman series and for the most part found it pretty good for the most part, sticking with a similar Formula Io brings you Kane & Lynch a typical third person shooter that is in its very inhumane world Unique. First the good points: Blood and Gore: Although the core graphics are only acceptable to the Next Gen and especially the PS3’s standards the detail is defiantly shown when you shoot people up close and it splatters everywhere, Whether...

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Showtime cant replace Crash mode, but still .... 0

So Burnout Paradise, the newest edition into the series for the Xbox 360 / PS3 and soon to be windows platforms. Ok to jump right into the review if your reading this you've proberly played any of the 5 or 6 games that are in the series which means your wondering, exactly how does this stack up to the rest...? Well if you are you'll be glad to know that Burnout paradise is by far the best game in the series, bar only a few quarks here and there. As soon as you pop the game in you'll be greeted...

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A solid addition with nothing new to offer but upped graphics 0

So just to start i am a huge Dragonball z fan, as it was the first Anime that i ever saw back when it was first shown on Cartoon Network but this Burst Limit review will not be swaided by that fact like alot of these other reviews have. So on to the Review!!! People seem to compare this game with Budokai 3 alot for some reason, even after playing it, this is wrong as it shouldn't be compared with 3 but with Budokai 1. I'm proberly right in guessing that if your reading ( or have read ) this r...

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