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Not a step forwards. 0

I have just finished the final mission of Starcraft 2 and feel that the ending of the game sums up my entire experience of the game, dissapointment.  I have played over 50 games multiplayer operating in the silver league and been taking my time with campaign doing about 1 mission a day for the last month ish.   EngineThe game engine has not moved on enough in 12 years, the technology being used in the main game should of moved on in leaps and bounds. I cannot believe that the decision was made ...

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Still Number 1 0

Ok here it is, im just going to come right out with it. PGA 2 is better then any iteration of Tiger Woods that I have played recently, Period! The graphics are excellent, the controls are excellent, the difficulty is crazy.. but if you have played it consistantly for years.. then you can compete, Although a water hazard can still end your round.. Period! Okay you can only play as a generic character, all characters have the same stats (Apart from popular computer characters have a random accurac...

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Outstanding 0

Having just played supreme commander 2, I took a look back at the franchise at a whole.  I first looked at the game styles of Total Annihilation compared to Supreme Commander and remembered the uproar some people made about the game being "Too Simplified" in the forums. Although I loved Sup Com1 I always find myself being dragged back to the origional Total Annihilation... It's just that damn good!   Total Annihilation -----------------------If you don't take it too seriously... i.e. a lot of ta...

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Great Strategy 0

Westwood studio's created an extreamly popular game which branched off from it's tiberium franchise.  I have tried to understand how the Red Alert and Tibirum relate and have come to the conclusion that the capture of Hitler somehow affected the discovery/infection of tiberium... although kane does exist in both universes... maybe the Tiberium universe is a reflection of the future.. I'm not sure anyway! After spending hours playing this game I must say that its a solid, well balanced (Apart fro...

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Epic in every sense vs casual market? 0

Final fantasy 7, what is there to say apart from 'sheer landmark title', apart from FF8 the second to last real great title that Squaresoft created! There is no substitute for great storytelling, engrosing gameplay, simple but effective character development and the sense that the product was designed with love, attention to detail and aimed at a target market that appreciate good games rather than Graphics/Linear casual gamer approach to design/dumbed down versions of the FF universe we have be...

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