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At least we all know how left-of-center Giantbomb is now. CONFIRMED. Still glad to see that Romney has essentially won even on Giantbomb. Which is saying something.

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@President_Barackbar: That's coming from the French President. He was at his worst at the recent meeting of nations, I forget the particulars, might have been the G8 conference. Everyone saw him as weak, and several leaders spoke publicly about how horribly briefed he was. I never got around to watching the speech, but the newscasters at the time were saying it was the worst public speaking Obama had ever done. I was probably too busy playing Resident Evil to care. :P

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@MariachiMacabre: I highly doubt that. Israel for sure. Even my friend in The Netherlands says they now think Obama is a joke. Even the french President repreminded (s/p) him a while back as being completely unprepared and off his game. I'm sure they'll see Romney as, at the very least, a positive "reset". At the very least Romney has business experience and Obama doesn't. And we all know how that's going.

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@ShadowConqueror: Yeah I don't disagree at all. Good analysis.

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@Superkenon: That's true, but at least one libertarian leader (former Presidential Candidate) says that Republicans are about a million times better than Democrats, and that Democrats WILL lead the country to bankruptcy, while Republicans have a "sliver" of hope, especially with people like Ron Paul around.

Also we are closer to the precipice than ever before. And God knows Obama won't do a thing about it. But I hope I'm wrong. Our credit is almost certain to be downgraded AGAIN if Obama is re-elected. No one trusts that he will actually try to reign in spending.

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@MariachiMacabre: Couldn't disagree more. We all have opinions. You probably didn't like George W. either, so it's useless to argue over it. And yes laws should be three pages. Or one. Cut out all the bullshit legalese. Not everyone, take Obama for example, is super educated about the Middle East. Obama was as light-weight as they come compared with McCain. Cain would've been good for the domestic side of things, they have advisers for foreign policy.

To be honest I never had even heard of Libya before all of this went down, and most people hadn't either I'd be willing to bet.

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@ShadowConqueror: Okay I've been corrected lol. I'll shift to the general "thought" is that Governors win more than Senators, because they are seeing as having better experience for actually presiding over the country as opposed to simply legislating and are more remembered (Reagen, Clinton, Bush). I still don't know my Presidential history as much as I wish I did. But I'm continuously learning everyday and really enjoy studying the subject.

I also forgot about Johnson. I never seem to remember him lol. I guess you could say Governors, in the modern era, are the ones who seem to get re-elected to second terms more often, and therefore that's one reason why they are seen as more capable of leading than Senators. Just a thought. Not gospel. lol.

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Here's an interesting article asking who won the debate based purely on SUBSTANCE, and who won the debate in general.

Romney won the debate in both style and substance in every category according to a CNN Poll cited in the article.

Here are the numbers:

The Economy in General

Romney: 55% Obama 43%


Romney: 52% Obama: 47%


Romney: 53% Obama 44%

Budget & Deficit

Romney 57% Obama: 41% - Source: CNN

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@ShadowConqueror: I meant in modern history, post-Kennedy or post-WWII. Depending on where you would place the "modern" line. Probably more like "post-Carter".

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@SmilingPig: Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Could you point me to a place online where I could see some of the Canadian media's analysis of the debate? I'd be interested in watching that.