Posted by aurahack

Part one, here's how crazy I am. Taken for a friend but I share with you all: 

Apologies for the poor image quality. The camera on the Nokia 5310 is not so hot. 
Secondly, BUY RISK: FACTIONS NOW. It is incredible. If anyone owns it on 360, let me know. I want to play with duders online! 
That is all.
Posted by AjayRaz

holy crap. o.O

Posted by Ace829

You should make it your profile image. Superb collection.

Posted by Aaox

I want that poster. There's a middling to high chance I may steal that poster.

Posted by InfiniteGeass

That is pretty awesome. Where did you get the poster?

Posted by aurahack
@Aaox: You best not. >:( I paid like, 40 dolla for it.  

@InfiniteGeass: Printed it myself at Staples. Had to edit the image in Photoshop to upscale it, though.
Posted by natetodamax

Pictures like this make me anxious to move out so I can have posters like that without my parents thinking I'm some strange pyscho or somehting.