Study on video games in the news again

This was an interesting subject that I saw reported on my local news channel. 

I've been to many conventions were presenters examined video game usage. I've seen bad research, and well thought out research. But this is still an undergrad presentation, so I'm skeptical. I wonder why it was published in Journal of Youth and Adolescence if it was conducted on college students.

I would still love to read the actual study. I would love to know the actual statistical numbers. But I know that this is a correlation and that means you CANNOT imply causation. There are way too many variables that could confound the study. Also, from the sound of it, the researcher was hardly unbiased. It never said if their hypothesis was confirmed, or even what their hypothesis actually was. But most TV stations and lay-people will say that video games are the cause of bad relationships and will imply even more from the study.