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PSN ID: OuterChild

Xbox One Gamertag: AutoBarn

Timezone: PST

Launch Games: AC4, Killzone: Shadowfall, BC4

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It's a small problem, but a niggling one. Anyone else had this?

All other apps installed fine, except for YouTube, which freezes at 100% every time, and crashes out with an "installation stopped" message. The only option is to press the home button "for more details" which takes me to the YouTube page on the App Store. Rinse, repeat. With nothing to reset or uninstall, it seems that I'm out of options.

Frustrating! Anyone got any ideas?

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Had the exact same problem, and here is a solution that worked for me. I plugged the Xbox one directly into a power socket on the wall, rather than the power splitter that I was plugged into, and it started working again. Long shot, but I hope it works for you. For the record, the Xbox One has to be the most frustrating system I've ever owned!

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Jesus Christ no. What awful news. RIP Ryan, we will miss you more than words can say.

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Same for me. Site won't scroll at all.

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STILL not working. And now, the site won't scroll. Just sits there, not moving. Man, I can't believe they still haven't got this stuff figured out. Sorry duders, I'm out. Subscription cancelled.

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Still not working. Anyone having any joy playing videos on their mobile device? Seems like a pretty major issue to have STILL not fixed at this point, right?

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Using an Android HTC EVO, the videos won't play in the proprietary browser or FireFox. Been like this ever since the new site launched.

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