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When I was a kid on of my favorite things to do was dip my peanut butter and jelly sandwich in ketchup.

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The impossible game.

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@yoshisaur: That's what mine started doing too. I would just unplug the adapter from the controller and plug it back in and that would get it usually. At the time I thought it was just something they would fix with an update or something, but now this is happening.

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@inspectah: I gave that a shot and it didn't seem to fix it. I contacted Microsoft and I guess they've never heard of it either. They say I have to send it in, which really sucks because I'll probably miss the Destiny Beta.

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I've done that twice with no luck.

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So here's the problem. I have a Xbox One and a headset adapter for my Tritton 720+ headset. Last night I was in a party with one of my friends and we decided to go to game chat. When I switched from party chat to game chat I lost all communication. I couldn't hear them and they couldn't hear me. I unplugged the headset adapter and plugged it back in and it was like it wasn't getting any power, because the mute button wouldn't light up when pressed. I then decided to turn off the controller and turn it back on. When I did that the controller wouldn't work on the Xbox. I had to reset the Xbox in order to get the controller to work again, but I still couldn't communicate. I then decided to try another controller and when I turned it on it wouldn't do anything either until after I reset the Xbox. I used my third controller and the same thing. I was wondering if anyone else was having similar issues.

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So is two not even on it?

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That 70's Show.

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@dcgc said:
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Sounds like the most ridiculous idea ever to me.