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It was great seeing Brad so positive, active and on point the entire time. I'm so used to Brad being the sleepy endearing "Wake up Jeff" of the Bombcast Wiggles, I was blown away and I mean that in the best way possible. He was engaged in hosting, and that in turn made the podcast all the more engaging.

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I can't imagine a better workplace than one with Chris Remo, Tim Schafer, Anna Kipnis, Ron Gilbert and Brad Muir in it.

Wait, don't kill me Giant Bomb community, I mean a video game related workplace.

Fuck! I mean a workplace full of really funny dudes.


Well, dammit. I just freakin' love Double Fine!

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I'm very excited for this and have high hopes that this brings Civ V up to the level everyone who played Civ IV to death hoped all along.

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It gladdens me to see developers finally taking notice of Seal's advice from his hit single/proto-GDC talk - Crazy. It saddens me it took so long though.

The industry is never gonna' survive, unless we get a little bit...crazy.

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I bought a Dreamcast at launch, and its Australian launch was pretty much the worst organised console launch I've ever seen or heard of. There were no memory cards, no Soul Calibur and no Sonic..basically the best launch title available was Ready 2 Rumble boxing because the things you wanted were all stuck on a boat in Sydney due to some customs issue.

I was worried about my purchase then, and in terms of long term support I was right - but as a gamer I never regretted that purchase because the Dreamcast had some amazing games.

The Vita has the only launch line-up in which I cannot afford to buy all the games I want on day 1, and this is putting aside the fact I don't have any plan to buy Uncharted or Wipeout. As a piece of hardware it gets most of it right and as a gamer I'm spoiled for choice, its long term prospects are the only issue.

But for right now, unless they start doing Sega-CD style addons or introduce a quick revision with massive internal memory, I don't see myself regretting this purchase even if its lifespan is similar to the Dreamcast.

I hope the 3DS and Vita have very healthy markets over the long term, and there's certainly nothing wrong with being skeptical about the Vita's long term prospects - I just don't care when I'm playing the games.

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I enjoyed making it to the end of the Sith Inquisitor storyline, and am enjoying the Imperial Agent storyline - but there is absolutely no compelling reason to play past the conclusion of the story. The end game offers nothing compelling and doing another storyline involves repeating a bunch of quests you already did to ensure you can do the story stuff.

It is unreasonable to expect the game to be as polished as WoW, but Rift has far less of a budget and staff yet still manages to have a higher level of polish in most every aspect, be it the engine, end-game or gameplay - and that still isn't enough to make me play Rift.

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Great work as always Patrick. I was curious when I heard about Noah but I never saw him compete, I only follow fighting games once a year and didn't really know where to look to find out if it was a serious thing or novelty while 50 posts a second fly by in the NeoGAF live Evo thread.

It is fantastic to see a father putting what money he has where his mouth is when it comes to supporting his son in endeavours he's passionate and talented in - even if as a father he doesn't quite get it himself.

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Patrick is an amazing writer with a knack for real journalism and we're lucky he keeps himself in the game industry. This is fantastic news.

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Maverick and Goose

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 My hand is currently a claw from playing this game. I type here anyway because this is just the kind of can-do attitude this game instills...until you put a hole in a wall

 GT: Flash Hawaii