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Every time I see @finaldasa's name I coulda sworn he was already a mod. But lookin through this thread I also coulda sworn @b0nd07 and @recspec were also mods. Maybe some folks just have moddy lookin names, I dunno.

Anyways, congrats duders! You get to enter the mysterious Moderator Hangout.

Nope; I'm just a guy that used to make TNT promos and a few other things here and there. I'd be honored if they did pick me, but they tend to pick people that do a ton of work in the wiki or post a lot of great blogs/forum posts, neither of which I do.

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Congrats, duders!

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Hey look at that, I managed to crack something out. Went super simple this year.

Unless a sudden spark of inspiration hits me later tonight, this is probably it for me this year (damn you, new job; eating up my free time).

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@aurahack said:

Where's @buzz_clik, @b0nd07, and @fobwashed in all this though??? WHERE Y'ALL AT

The timing is just bad. Starting a new, full time job has left me with little free time this week; whereas in previous years, I've had all the free time. I'll try to get something up tonight.

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Well, that's better. I'm going to need a second one eventually, though; too much still on the way/pre-ordered.

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New arrivals! There should be one more, but it seems to have been delivered to the wrong address, so hopefully that gets here soon (not to mention the one that's been stuck in customs for unknown reasons since March).

And I've finally got a display case on the way so I can actually display everything properly.