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This is great!  Thanks!

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Yeah, that was great.

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Thank you sooo much. Cracked up. Probably woke up whole house.

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Thread wins.

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This video is full of win, nice work on the ryan dialog segment.

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Well done! The video captured the feel of the bombcast perfectly.

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It's just as funny the second time you hear it.

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Great job man.

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Awesome job, that was hilarious.

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Ha! I don't need to listen to podcasts, because I get this. Awesome.

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Featured story on Giantbomb!

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Hope they give you a free t-shirt or something.

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That video is entirely made of awesome.

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That made me laugh. hahaha

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Nice work dude!

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This is the greatest thing ever!!!

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Duuude this shit is hilarious

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Just seeing if I can bump. Post Reply

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@Claude said:

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You have to put his other work in here too then:

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Two years later, this still cracks me up. The editing on that youtube things is phenomenal.

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Oh wow, 120k views.

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Never. (try pressing play, it starts at 4:00 and it's really funny)