Characters Who I Want to Teach My Little Brother About the World (And How to Rule It)

My little brother is 3 years old and is just starting to do more than just poop his pants and scream but already he has the potential to become someone great. If he can find the right teachers, he can learn all the tools necessary to become a world conquer. While Sesame Street is cool and all, but they lack the crazy world conquering plots and crazy shit videogame characters go through making them the ideal candidate in teaching my brother everything he will need to rule this planet.  I only wish there was some way to get these characters out of their respective titles and into my living my living room to teach some of the extraordinarily awesome things they do to him so he can eventually rule Earth (while I reap all the benefits that come along ofcourse). 

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Posted by GoranP

Good list, you should add Luigi though. Your brother needs to see what happens when you give up and don't succeed so that he doesn't fail in life (zing, a Luigi joke has never been done before!).