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My girlfriend is looking for a new game to play. She currently loves Plants vs Zombies and also enjoys playing Bejeweled 3, Theme Hospital and SimCity games. Age of Empires is a series she has fond memories of, oh and the Dark Parables series - a photo hunt kind of game is also another sort of game she enjoys!

So any ideas of what to recommend my girlfriend?

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Also interested to know.

My gf loves peggle, but she wont play anything too complex.

Co-op games are interesting too, we sometimes play Little Big Planet but that annoys her!

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@Baillie: Animal Crossing is my obligatory answer for any video game recommendation.

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Demon's Souls

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@Baillie: Introduce her to Heavy Rain, she will love it.

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Under the community bar on the right, check "Topics". There's two pages worth of questions and multiple pages worth of answers.


Besides and along side those, there's Where's Waldo done well on the iPad if she's got one for picture hunts. She may also like the Layton series on nintendo handhelds for puzzles. And there's always Civ V if she wants to try her hand at a turn based strategy.

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  • Peggle
  • Animal Crossing (there is a 3DS verision coming if that matters)
  • The Sims
  • Professor Layton
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@FluxWaveZ said:

Demon's Souls

hurr hurr

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What consoles do you have available? Maybe try these -

Heavy Rain
Unfinished Swan
The Sims 3
Tropics 4 (seeing as she likes the Sim City games)
And Civ V can be casual friendly on the easiest difficulty setting.

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@Morrow said:

@FluxWaveZ said:

Demon's Souls

hurr hurr

Excuse me?

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@Morrow said:

@FluxWaveZ said:

Demon's Souls

hurr hurr

Excuse me?

Don't mind me.

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Don't mind me.

Got it, I won't.

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Cooking Mama

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Barbie: Horse Adventures

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@Baillie: Anno 1404 is one of the best management/trading games out there. It's easy to play, has a great interface and it's pretty to boot. There's also a continuous mode in there so you can play at your own pace and to experiment too if you want to. It's even better with the expansion pack. Also I can vouch for Cook, Serve, Delicious. Very easy to play.

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I would just involve her in what you play instead of segregating her into something you think shes supposed to like, you will be surprised.

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lara croft and the gaurdian of light is pretty great to break people into more of an action platformer. If she likes tower defense stuff, defense grid is still awesome. renegade ops is also a lot of fun, very easy to pick up and play.

Well there is always the sims games. With women you can't lose with them.

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Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing! Harvest Moon is available for GameCube and Wiii. Animal Crosssing is available on Wii, Ds, and GameCube. It might be on other systems too...

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Civilizations Revolution and Harvest Moon.

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I just started playing Pushmo.

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Both of you should play games together if you can. Try games like the walking dead, la noire, and heavy rain.

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Any game you like, recommend to her. If she is an inexperienced gamer in the particular genre you choose, then help her through it, but be patient, and allow her to make her own choices and mistakes (whatever you do, let her play her way, unless she asks for your help). Letting people play their own way is probably a lesson for anyone introducing another to a new game, regardless of how experienced or inexperienced both parties are. I hope also that you're asking because she seems to be into casual games (that perhaps you are not as familiar with) and not because of her gender. While those who have been severally conditioned and overly socialized to follow stereotypes may only like certain types of games, for everyone else gender, race, sexuality, etc., has no true relation to what kinds of games people could potentially like or could enjoy (unless of course there is blatant discrimination or sexism in the design, which of course the targeted group will get offended, naturally).

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions, but I would like to point out that after 4 years, I will stop trying to play games with her that I assume she would like. :P She just wants a new game after playing PvZ for over 100 hours! I'll let her see this thread and see what she thinks of them.

Also, I have most consoles but she only has a laptop, so that's why I've listed PC games. Heavy Rain could be a good one actually, I loved that game, so I might actually introduce her to Fahrenheit too!

Oh, and I have already tried Cook, Serve, Delicious. She doesn't like it that much. What's wrong with her? WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?