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Kind of hilarious to see a video game player/reviewer go on about how he doesn't care about all the fantasy/themey "crap" from Avalon.

It's generally a common snub from the snootier table top folk that video game stuff is all stuck in "kid's themes and anime"...

Now we're going to find out Dan is really a Euro player and he's big into Agricola, Thurn and Taxis, and Caylus.

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I've always tried to explain "eu" as pronouncing in in the very forward part of your mouth, but then again my Dutch is terrible.

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Wow, I'm 40 and I can hear it.

Jeff and the gang have destroyed their ears, apparently.

OK, I check out at 16KHz... OK, that's pretty much par for the course, I guess.

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You DO have to love the Christian Bale cameo at the end with him plugging the iPad... Oh wait.

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I get the impression from this that the entire game occurs in the exact same 1 block area around a city square.

Final Fantasy: Market Night, We Close At 10PM.

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@BizarroPete said:

@NiklasP: Why because High-Score games are bad? Yeah, no one ever liked games that are all about getting the highest score.

Well, to be fair... I never did. This goes all the way back to me not understanding why people liked Pacman when it was in the arcades.

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Yeah, do not want.

Like MOBAs, for the most part. Like LOTR for the better part...

Do not like this.

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Ah, yes... This appears to be a really bad idea.

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I enjoyed Sins very much, and most of its mini-expansions, though some weighted the game in weird ways till later mini-expansions re-balanced things a bit.

If people are thinking of a game that was broken at launch, I suspect they're thinking of Sword of the Stars and its (STILL WAY BROKEN... Well, actually unfinished, but in retail) sequel.

Sins itself was always pretty rock solid.

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I really started worrying for Jeff about 10 minutes into this, then realized he got past this sickness...

This practically defines the meaning of the word "feverish."