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@veritas146 said:

For some reason that video made me really really dizzy...

same here. especially at the end

Probably because the video was filmed at 60FPS, instead of the more conventional 30.

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@lukeweizer said:

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah. The game definitely looks better, but I don't feel like playing through the story again.

They've said you can transfer your saved game, so if you want it just for free-roam or whatever activities that's an option.

Save transfer is for GTA Online only, not story mode.

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@steelknight2000: Because they tale their questions live. That's the whole point of a live show, interacting live with your audience.

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This looks absolutely amazing. I hope it comes to PS4.

This game is published by Microsoft, so there is no chance of it releasing on the PS4.

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Never played the original, but played a ton of Top gear 2.

"You might be missing some of the benefits that stereo can provide."

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@genpatton7 said:

@meatsim: You can see in the video that it turns grey and then disappears after the building collapses. I'm curious exactly what it takes to trigger the collapse.

IGN said that the building collapse is triggered when players do enough damage to the building's load-bearing pillars on the ground level. You can read more here:

@spitznock: IGN confirmed in the link above that next gen consoles will support 64 players in multiplayer.

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@HealingPancake said:

Someone needs to tally up the number of times "bad ass" is used in this :)

I counted 11.

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What's up with Need for speed and always wet roads?

@Microshock said:

Switch back to Youtube for your video hosting, the quality of these videos are terrible and why the hell would I pay to stream HD through here if it's free on Youtube?

I know it's been said already, but HD video quality has been available for free since CBS bought GiantBomb back in March.