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i remember jeff or something talking about it. but in general nintendo is kinda shy with these kind of interviews.

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pretty sure 99.9% of all e3 parties are private and have guests lists etc. but seen many companies do giveaways for tickets. so likely would be pretty easy to get in by either emailing someone in the company or striking conversation at a booth or something.

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ive completed peace walker on both psp, ps3 and 360. and yeah highly recommend that HD Edition is the only way to play it. psp version did not age well! especially control wise, framerate, resolution... etc.

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i agree 100% with jeff's opinion. do not like it at all..

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article and alan wake 2 sounds really cool. but i also totally understand why microsoft didnt want to do another one right now. microsoft spendt alot of money on it and was in development for quite some time. but remedy is good at new ips. so happy they still kept them working atleast^.

but one thing i didnt know was that remedy completely owned the alan wake ip. so chances of an alan wake 2 is alot bigger, even if its not published by microsoft. hopefully someone will pick it up after Quantum Break

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that dan face will haunt me forever in my nightmares....

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@zeik: yeah totally agree. in the 5+ years i was working in gamestop. first party nintendo games were almost never out of stock. always recieved stock even months to years after release.

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god who cares -_-.

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@flacracker: yeah i dont want "Premium Content is available!" eye sore banner right next to the logo. also making the 'latest premium content' thing look exactly like the 'coming up' is a horrible idea. also the weird premium play button logo seems odd for people who are already subscribed :S

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im sorry, but i do not like that squarespace logo being there.