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@chad206: @sparky_buzzsaw: I'm actually scheduling a technological assessment through the Lighthouse for job training. I'm legally blind in both eyes. It isn't a problem with my eyes, my brain is the culprit and both sides were effected. Thank you for the excellent recommendations.

Chad, thanks for pointing that out. Had no idea they existed.

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@dudeglove: Coordination is fine, just the center of my vision, a bit bigger than a golf ball, is a bit wavey. I think I'd be able to see enemies and recognize their attacks. I've played a bit of the Souls games so I know what I'm getting into.

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I've spoken about this before here, but to make a long story short, last year I suffered 2 strokes and as a result I'm legally blind. My central vision is a shimmery circle, so I can't read anything. However, my peripheral is fine. I'm looking for some recommendations for games that don't rely heavily on reading, and don't require fine aiming. I started Infamous: Second Son but had trouble aiming at enemies once I got to the city. I've recently upgraded to a 1080p 65 inch display, so this may help.

I was looking at Bloodbourne because that can be played semi-methodically. Is not being able to read going to make it un-playable? I can have my girlfriend read at times, but I'd prefer to be able to play alone. Does Far Cry 4 have lock on aiming in single player? Any other recommendations?

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In my opinion Above the Law is his best film.

Also you should watch True Lies, but that's not him.

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When they are funny they are amazing. That pirate game was phenomenal. Lucius II was fantastic. Unfortunately they aren't all winners.

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I'm having this issue in Chrome as well.

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Sad. One of my favorite games ever. I popped back in 2013 and enjoyed the content for a bit. But it wasn't like getting together a party of 5 to camp and grind for hours, or camping Vrtra or King Behemoth, farming God's in Sky for Kirin, etc.

I had a Dragoon, Bard, And Theif at max level.

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I can't play the demo. Anyone have a recommendation for a full play through of the demo online?

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I use BeyondPod for Android for podcasts that require a sign in. I've also heard DownCast works well.

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Anyone? Could a bad graphics card cause audio stuttering?