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This bums me the fuck out.

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I've seen numerous One's in the wild. 0 PS4's. Are PS4s sitting on shelves in certain areas?

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Another question is... when will the reviews drop?

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Having fun with it but I haven't won a single game.

I'm constantly #1 on my team which is not a good thing. I suck.

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I've been playing DMC on my PS3 after playing Dead Rising 3 and Assassin's Creed 4 on the PS4. Looks just fine in my opinion.

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Scrap booking of course.

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Congrats dude. It's a great feeling. Really tempted to upgrade my i5 2500k and GTX 570 now but I'll wait. :(

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I wipe it off and then sit.

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@hungry said:


Yes and no. The "healing salvo" costs some virtual currency but you can buy it for 1-2 guns with the starting currency you get when you are a new player. In addition, it only takes like two matches to earn enough currency to buy the healing salvo. The game is mega generous.

I play this game like I play Quake. Fast, never aim down the sights, and with a rocket launcher and laser gun (that works like the Quake Lightning Gun). Feels good to have a shooter in my life again.

The laser gun obliterating rockets is awesome.

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I saw a few minutes of Brad play this on Unprofessional Friday last week, but not enough to get a good idea of what it actually is. He was only testing weapons up to the point I had to stop watching.

I saw some numbers flying out of enemies when they got hit, Borderlands style, with customization options. That alone is enough for me to want to give it a go, but I doubt my current PC (laptop) will play it in a manner I'll be satisfied with. :S

Ahhh I've not watched that yet. Still catching up on Breaking Brad.

The system requirements seem pretty low in the wiki. You might be able to run it decently enough.