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As a fan of video games, this fucking sucks.

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They just showed a video on Comedy Central of a dungeon that takes place in Mr. Slaves ass.

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I have a similar issue, but in Chrome. If I play a video Embeggend it just doesn't play like he described. If I start it small and then expand it, it works just fine.

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@barrock: I'd say it's worth a run through. It's also probably mad cheap. I don't think there's a PS3 version though, I think it was 360 and PC only (also, the 360 version looks kinda grungy in a not-intentional way).

I think I may already own it on PC. It's just one of those games I've always said "I need to play that...". I'm curious how my 570 would handle it.

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I've not played the first game, but got this as a part of PS+. Is playing the first one required? Or recommended?

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Big ass monsters

Doesn't this seem like something they should be more vocal about? To me it makes the game stand out even more.

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If you can use them go with USAA. Your parents or grandparents have to have served in the military. Absolutely fantastic experience for me. No fees, and they refund a certain number of ATM withdrawals from non-USAA ATMs every few weeks.

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This bums me the fuck out.

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I've seen numerous One's in the wild. 0 PS4's. Are PS4s sitting on shelves in certain areas?

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Another question is... when will the reviews drop?