Finally a free weekend

Ahhh... nothing to do this weekend.  The first free weekend in almost a month.  Got some serious gaming to do.  There's still one more day to go, but here's what's happening: 
-Friday night- beat Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands.  Decent game, but kinda wish I would have waited a while for the price to drop.  Overall- 7/10. 
-Also Friday night- beat Jurassic: The Hunted.  Got this from GameFly for achievements.  Game was ok, I guess, but I ended up sending it back after I beat it because I really didn't want to do any of the other achievements.  Overall- 5/10. 
-Saturday night- beat Alan Wake.  Great game, but I think it's a little overrated by some.  Not GOTY material in my opinion.  Still, overall- 9/10. 
-Also put about 2 hours into Nier.  I was feeling like it was dumb until I got some of the magic.  Now it's actually pretty cool.  I'll definitely wait until I'm much farther in to make a full judgement though. 
-I'm through 4 out of the 10 missions in War for Cybertron.  I'm still liking it a lot.  Maybe I'll try to finish it tomorrow to make it 4 games beaten this weekend.  That's definitely a record for me. 
-Can't decide if I'm picking up Dragon Quest IX tomorrow or not.  Sounds cool, but Miles Edgeworth has been sitting half beaten in my DS for a long time now. 
-Singularity is another possibility tomorrow, but slimmer.  Kmart has a good deal on it, but it runs through the week, so I have plenty of time to decide.


This week in gaming...

I've been doing a crap ton of gaming.  Probably more than I ever have before.  I'm picking up new games weekly (it seems) and only moving some of them to the beaten pile.  I thought maybe doing a bit of blogging would help me sort out some of the mess that is the shelf above my TV. 
Random thoughts: 
 -Just started Transformers: War for Cybertron tonight.  Played the first chapter of the Autobot campaign.  I like it.  The controls are good and transforming feels natural.  I wish you didn't have to search for ammo so often, but it's still a solid game. 
-Played through Trauma Team this weekend.  Sleeper candidate for Wii game of the year.  I realize it'll eventually fall short to Super Mario Galaxy 2 (which I beat last month), but it should still be in the conversation. 
-After almost throwing my controller against the wall playing Red Steel 2 (which I finally beat on Friday), then feeling very frustrated right before I wanted to go to sleep, I decided a relaxing game would be beneficial.  So I picked up Endless Ocean: Blue World.  I really like it, though there isn't much gameplay so far. 
-Other games on the shelf I started but need to finish: Alan Wake, Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands, Alpha Protocol. 
-Other games on the shelf I haven't started: Nier. 
-Want to get soon: Singularity, Dragon Quest IX, King's Quest Fan Sequel.
-Recent game of the year contenders (IMO): Red Dead Redemption (beat single player 100%, tried multiplayer) and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (beat main story missions and a few extra ops).  
-It's a good thing there isn't much on TV this time of year!

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Bad Company 2 impressions

I'm only through the first 3 missions, so I don't have enough to make a full judgement, but here are some things I like/don't like so far: 
 -The mechanics/engine.  The controls are good, and shooting works really well.  The buttons are only slightly different from other FPS's, which is a good thing. 
- Gun selection.  Already I've used several guns, and they've all had good pros/cons. 
-Achievement pace.  I've gotten some achievements for story, some for other things.  It seems like one pops about every 20 minutes or so. 
-Visuals.  The colors are very vibrant and the enemies contrast with teammates.
Don't like: 
-Health.  There's not a good indication of when you are about to die.  Sure it gives you some red border, but it's not enough to tell that you are in critical condition. 
-Grenades.  You can't tell where they are.  Having a guy yell "Grenade!" does nothing, just makes you panic for a second. 
-Destructible Environments.  Not that I'm against the idea, but it's frustrating when you can't find any cover because the enemies just blow it away immediately.
-Lack of coop.  You play in a squad with 3 other guys.   Why can't these be real people? 
 I've heard that the real appeal to this game is the multiplayer, but I just don't see myself getting into that.  This could be a game I trade very quickly.