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Resident Evil. I wanted to pick it up after I beat The Last of Us so I wouldn't split my attention, but 2 bucks off is nice.

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I'm all for competition and if MS keeps undercutting Sony they may pull ahead. I'm not a fanboy of any console, but the Playstation brand hold the same place in my heart as Nintendo does for a lot of people, so I like seeing Sony ahead in the race. I'm worried that MS has so much cash to burn that they'll just keep the price lower through sheer attrition until they get a big lead, and idk if Sony would have an answer in the middle of the generation.

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I only buy digital copies of games that are either download only, (duh) or are games that I know I'll want to play on a whim, like GTA 5. I'll play a bunch of a game then I'll say "Ahh lets jump in a jet and mess some stuff up for ten minutes in GTA!" The games I buy on disk are either games I'm sort of interested in so I'll wait for the disk price to drop real low, or games that I know for a fact I will want to play LONG after online support goes away. Games like MGS 5 GZ, or Kingdom Hearts 3, if those games are as good as I hope they'll be then I know I will want to play it in ten years, because they will probably be games that define that generation for me.

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Fine by me, this will let me sink my teeth into bloodborne.

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I own a Roku and I'm a subscriber. The Roku works great for archived videos, but the only problem is that the Roku app only shows the last 25 videos in each category. I don't know the exact number, but it's not a lot more than that. So the Chromecast with the Giant Bomb Video Buddy is great for watching any old videos, plus I like navigating the Video Buddy on ios more than the Roku. It also works great for the other services I use: HBO GO, UFC, Fox Sports Go, Youtube, and Twitch (you could watch live GB content that way). I'm running into some issues with my phone losing connection right now, but it serves my needs far better than the Roku.

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@spraynardtatum: I'm honestly surprised they don't have some version of chippendales yet, they probably should. Why not!

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@kierkegaard: The game takes shots at everyone, there are white male dirtbags, psychos, tools, and so forth. I don't have sympathy for people who get offended when it's their demographic's turn to get made fun of when everyone is getting trashed. I'm not saying that is why you feel the way you do, but that is my response that that kind of criticism.

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Man I hate this, I cant actually remember a mission where you have to harm a female in the entire game, but I find it interesting they dont really care about all the awful shit you do to males in the game.

They're upset at the mere idea that you have the option to harm a woman walking down the street in the game. They picked this game b/c it is high profile, and will create the most headlines highlighting their ability to have a show of force. If target feels the need to fold to it that is their business, but this is more about politics than the actual content of the game.

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Jeff needs to get Ben Coello on the line to draw up some new review images for @danryckert. Obviously a 1 star would be Dan throwing up mac and cheese, and the 5 star might be him chugging a 40 or something, what do you guys want to see?

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Either Vamp, or Solidus with the katana.

For Vamp he is very fast and moves constantly. Drew seems to have a tough time with the first person mode when you need to react fast, but he'll get better by the time he fights him.

Solidus will probably be tougher b/c it's a relatively demanding fight for the half baked sword mechanics that are introduced so late in the game, plus you only use them for 5 minutes before you go though a boss fight and a 30 minute cut scene that drops the craziest plot points in the game.