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It really is a great relief to see the site returning to form after some really difficult times! Keep up the great work guys!!!

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Bounty Hounds for psp...terrible.

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Bushido Blade 2 is better than Bushido Blade

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Ground Zeros and the Phantom Pain are the games that explain how Big Boss finally turned the corner to become the villain of MG1. From MGS3 to Ground Zeros Big Boss has mostly been a wanderer, not really actively fighting for any particular goal. But with all the messed up stuff he goes through in these new games it sets him on the path of revenge to become a villain. I don't think Kojima presented what happened to Paz that well, but it does get the point across that Big Boss will have to go to dark places to get to Skull Face.

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@meatball said:

I tuned in and it was more Kerbal Space Program, meh. I'm not exactly interested in watching more DayZ, either. Giant Bomb's output lately bums me out. (I'm a terrible person, I know.)

I completely agree with you, hopefully they'll have some better structure once the new generation starts to pick up. i don't want to watch them play 3 year old games for the fifth time anymore.

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@joshwent: Yeah totally i get it, thanks for the advice!

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yeah my other two post have paragraphs, but i was just real lazy and copy pasted and didnt bother seprating out the paragraphs again

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@joshwent: My bad didn't i didn't even know i could post them on the forums from the blog space in the first place, then it asked if i wanted to so i figured why not put more eyes on it.

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@monkeyking1969: Its the blog i wrote for my class when i was in school just putting it here so i make i sure dont lose it

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