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I started following the guys back in 2004 when Gamespot was in its golden years with Gallup, Kasavin , Gouskos, etc, and the Giant Bomb crew. I loved all their fun content and how they clearly were people that didn't allow games to be their entire life, but apart of it.

So after GerstmannGate I followed them on and Giant Bomb from there and never looked back.

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Just like everyone said the game was really really hyped up, and bungie didn't do a thing to set expectations. Also the difference with games like minecraft, cod ect is that they didn't include some of the elements destiny had because they knew they couldn't do them well.

I keep coming back to Jeff justifying why ocarina of Time should be the first 10 game on gamespot, and someone said , " Well the games doesn't have any voice overs. " Jeff replied, " Well the N64 cartridge couldn't do a lot of quality VO so if it was included it would sound like crap."

That's where I come out on Destiny, they tried a lot of stuff but non of it was that amazing, no element complimented another, or stood out on its own.They each dragged the whole thing down.

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HD for sure, just finished 2 again on the collection last week, and i'm at The Fury in 3 and I can't tell any differences that would matter. But I would like Drew to play 3 in the original fixed camera, the free camera makes the game feel pretty different in key ways. Also considering he's playing the psn version of MGS1 there's no real expectation of complete purity in this video series.

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@erhard said:

@towersixteen said:

It's honestly weird to me that Patrick has so many detractors for his missteps(imagined or otherwise, have no interest in getting into that), but Dan's forays into ludicrously willful ignorance tend to get laughed off. I'm sure people just find Dan more charming so he gets away with more, or maybe it's just so cavalier you can't help but laugh a little, but it actually keeps making me feel bad for Patrick. I can barely imagine the shit he'd get if he said half the stuff Dan says.

It's not weird. The difference is that you're not expected to take Dan seriously when he says he thought figs were sticks or that he's never had mayonnaise. He plays it up. On the other hand, nobody likes a moralizer other than the people who already agree with them.

When I hear Dan say clearly stupid or outrageous things I know that he mostly says them to generate some kind of response, he loves the attention. That does piss me off sometimes, but other times it honestly makes me laugh. With Patrick on the other hand I can't help but feel like he is either talking down to me, or thinks he is doing god's work. Primarily by the subjects he talks about and his low toned, slow talking approach. I feel like he thinks the people who listen to a podcast, inside of the bubble of a niche need to be spoon fed his gaming concepts. I know that's not the case, but I can't get that snooty image out of my head when I hear him.

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Destiny feels like a game that Bungie knew was going to be huge so they developed it accordingly. I feel that Bungie knew that by partnering with Activision they were going to get a massive marketing push so all Bungie needed to do was make the game look appealing with its art, setting, and design for ads and make press optimistic. They knew they would get a lot of people who never played mmos or boarderlands so they made it in a way to ease players into that style of game which explains Bungie saying that the "real game" doesn't start until lvl 20.

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@wmoyer83 said:

They need to fire their marketing team


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Wii U , Nintendo 64, 2DS, New 3DS? Someone at Nintendo needs to take the guy who names their consoles and show them the door.

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I just picked up a ps4 copy off ebay for 30 bucks, and just curious if this game is enjoyable enough to play while my mind is focused on other things like a podcast?

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It really is a great relief to see the site returning to form after some really difficult times! Keep up the great work guys!!!

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Bounty Hounds for psp...terrible.

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