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This is the only JRPG I've beaten. I played it for the first time on my ps1 in 2012 and I really enjoyed it. I like the setting of a dirty industrial future a lot more than a typical dungeons and dragons setting. All the problems with this game are a product of it being 17 years old ( graphics, stiff controls, translation ) but I really enjoyed playing it even the graphics ( I like the art style of desperately attempting to make something out of basic shapes, without it looking like it was made from basic shapes )

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I just swapped my super slim's hdd for my ps4's old 500gb this saturday and I haven't seen any problems so I'm guessing it's your old hdd. I had to redownload everything so I'd try that before buying a new hdd.

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I beat the game using the axe and cannon once I had picked it up. I didn't really see the appeal of the shorter weapons but I'm using the cleaver in my second play and I like it, it's almost better than the axe in the early game.

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I agree. The souls games are really a great measuring stick for how the standards have changed for what is required from players today. I feel that the majority of the people saying these games are super hard probably are kids that had a ps3/360 for their first console, or it was the one that they grew into video games with.You could of been 10 when you got a 360 and now you're 18 and new boxes just came out. It's widely agreed upon that games got a lot easier over last generation, or at least required a lot less of a players respect. The souls games simply bring back the old concept of the game daring you to beat it, it is possible but you need to put skin the game to do it.

I'd say Bloodborne is more forgiving in terms of the dodging windows, healing, and just having less bullshit reasons you died. I just played Dark Souls 2 for the first time on ps4 and that game feels like it's difficult for some crappy reasons like random exploding barrels, or how bosses are constantly in your face making the slow estus flask way less useful , or dudes straight up running around a corner and kicking you off an edge lol, but I'm really enjoying Darks Souls 2 anyway.

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@feathered: You're right about the movies, and it is a lame announcement. Also plenty of the comics go up to Peter and MJ in their late 20s to early 30s and married, I'd be interested in seeing that in a movie.

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I love that these games require that you pay attention. There are a lot of arena action games that are either too fast for me to follow what's going on, or I can zone out every couple of encounters because there isn't a huge penalty for messing up. The idea that every enemy matters is pretty cool.

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I only played/beat Demon's Souls before I played Bloodborne, and they feel pretty similar in combat and in general "soulsy" mechanics. So it's safe to assume that going from Bloodborne back would be fine. I intend to get DS2 at some point.

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I played half way through The Last of Us and to the final section in Uncharted 3 and hated both the entire time.

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@flakmunkey: It is clear that we come from different places on this one lol because I hate the WWE. I love the personalities of these guys that is why I've followed them for over ten years, but I don't like the videos where they're just tearing up boxes or playing windjammers for the tenth time, because the way I see it literally sitting at a computer for two hours watching strangers tearing apart cardboard boxes is what an insane person does. God bless you if that's your thing, but I can't act like I'm down with that kind of content.

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I completely agree. They need someone to channel the energy and make sure that the things don't get stale. Jeff, Brad Vinny, Dan are all really good at riffing on a topic and getting a lot out of it, but if you let them ramble on they will for a long time. Ryan and Rich were really good at letting those guys talk but having the commanding presence to move things along before the conversations got too into the weeds.

You shouldn't be worried about voicing your opinions on this. It's not just an internet live stream, it's an internet live stream we pay to watch. We should expect more because they ask for more.