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Going great so far. Sea fishing in the evening still stacks as much pape as it did in the old ones. Made like 100k in an hour or so (sharks and red snappers paid for my house. Always throw back the sea bass). I have a pet hammerhead shark in my house. It takes up roughly a quarter of the space of my house since it doesn't get expanded until tomorrow. I got my approval to 100% quite quickly. Already filling up the museum, which is my favourite thing to do. Got probably 25 species of fish so far and like 10 fossils. No complete skeletons yet though.

I can't wait to get into funding. That sounds interesting.

Also patiently waiting for the store to have a crown so I can be king again. If I remember right it was some ungodly amount of bells in Wild World so it probably will be here too but I will see what I can do to get it.

I spent a metric ton of money at the Nookling store in hopes of it being expanded. I bought and sold back 150 packages of bubble paper, which was roughly 25k, which I imagine will be enough. In Wild World it was like 15-18k to get the first store upgrade (I think. It's been a while). Hopefully it upgrades soon. With Re-Tail being there it is nice because you can still work while Nook's store is being remodeled.

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Digital. I was going to get the physical copy for them sweet Nintendo Club points but for this game, Digital is the ideal medium since I only play it in short bursts.

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I was just about to start changing the clock but decided not to, no matter how tempting it is. I did all the time on the GC version and Wild World as well (just so I could get the biggest house possible), but that was because I played those games for like 5 hours at a time. This one I just play for 20 minutes every once in a while.

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If that was $100 I would buy it. My Xbox Arcade from 2007 sounds like a jet engine now. At this price though not a chance. I'd rather just get a slim onsale somewhere.

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My Windows desktop, yes (because the case has a bright blue blinky light on it when it is in sleep. If not for that I would just sleep it too). My Macbook, no. I do restart it once in a while but very seldom, usually only for updates.

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Err... "Macintosh HD". That is what my lappy's is called. I should probably change that.

On my desktop my 2TB storage drive is "THE VAULT" and my SSD is "Turbocharger". My old SSD was "Supercharger" but it died.

My one comp sci prof named the hard drive in his Mac after a type of cabbage. Did I mention he was kinda crazy?

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That trailer was PRETTY GOOD

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Confirmation bias

People like being told the game they are interested in is good. When that doesn't happen people blame the reviewer rather than the game. Hence why people get so worked up over scores if the score does not match what they think it should be. This is potentially why some people show so much animosity toward game reviewers.

For game journalists in general, it is more of an integrity thing. It is very obvious sometimes that game companies are trying to sway journalist's opinion of a product by "buying" them off with promotional stuff and/or events.

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During school, absolutely. During summer not a chance. On my days off I play like a hours of SC2 before playing through something else. Though I am rewatching the first Endurance Run while I play Monster Hunter.

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Sounds like he stole it to me.

My thoughts exactly. No manual, no stand, no games. Really shady sounding to me.