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At $50 per (knowing not everyone pays $50), that's $1MM - that's not a lot of money when you look at all the talent and tech that they have. Glad they have CBSi to support them.

Last year for thanksgiving day they give a special for premium for $35 bucks with no shirt. So I think they would have been some new member for that.

I bought 3 of those the first time they had them available. I'm still set for a good while.

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No. But my brother usually gets me one anyway. He knows what I like so it is always something good. My parents haven't bought me a game-related thing since they got me a DS in 2004. My mom somehow got me a launch one. I didn't think I would get one because they were so hard to find. I was so happy.

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37. More than I thought I would have.

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Civ V with the expansions is better. Civ V without is worse.

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Yup sounds about right. For me this happened in 2009 when I bought 20 games for $100 at my first Steam sale. I didn't even have a proper gaming PC then. After that consoles just seemed overpriced.

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This episode was hilarious. Vinny's editing made it so good. Especially the World of Warcraft part.

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That kind of stuff is always sleazy.

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I had saved up for an Xbox. I bought a U2713HM instead to use as both a monitor and a TV. Now I can get 1440 p's of entertainment instead of 1200 p's.

I will likely be getting a Wii U if I get anything.

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@mb said:

If someone told me that video came from an Xbox 360 version, I would have believed them. That's bad.

My upcoming video card upgrade has just been validated.

Yeah the decision I made about my recent monitor purchase (which cost about the same as either one of the new consoles) has also been reinforced. That money was set aside for a new console. Not happening for probably a year if I get one at all.

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That's pretty sad. My PC can run stuff with a 3 year old video card at 1440p at a higher sustained framerate than that.

I guess if I get a console it will be the Wii U.