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No. And most people who claim they are going to boycott it will end up buying it anyway.

I ended up "boycotting" PS3 because it didn't have party chat. Seriously, that's the main reason why I never picked up the system. I didn't mind paying 60 dollars a year, because I felt that I was getting the best experience. That, and I really don't need to play the handful of exclusives of both consoles.

With Xbox One:

- Always on internet requirement (must connect every 24 hours)

- Violates your consumer rights (no loaning, borrowing, renting, and a fee for used games)

- Always on camera requirement (with potential to violate your privacy rights)

- Focus on media at the expense of games (only 5GB of GDDR3 RAM accessible to games, while 3GB of RAM will be reserved for the OS) Compare this to Sony, which will allow their full 8GB of GDDR5 RAM to be used by actual games). Actual Microsoft quote: "We purposefully did not target the highest end graphics. We targeted it more as a broad entertainment play."

- Continuing to keep "free" services behind an Xbox Live Gold account pay-wall (including things like Netflix, multiplayer, and soon to include your television) Another actual Microsoft quote: When asked if Xbox One television will be placed behind a pay-wall: "The same type of way that we tend to put entertainment experiences behind gold, we will, because that's where we feel like we can really create a really magical experience."

- Hostile to indie developers (No self-publishing, despite both Sony and Nintendo allowing it)

If after all of that, if you don't think that I won't "boycott" this system by not buying one, then you don't know me. As for the number of people raging online now, who will cave the second they can get one, I'm sure there are at least some of them. It's hard to know how many just yet. But if Sony offers a better GAMING experience in every way, people will see that, and they'll respond accordingly.

I think you took my post a little too seriously. Just saying.

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That's the BEST!

That is what I had in mind when I made my post above actually.

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No. And most people who claim they are going to boycott it will end up buying it anyway.

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If it is Banjo then I might consider getting the console. They've already shown that Forza 5 will be proper Forza and not that Horizon nonsense so they have won me over a bit.

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That sucks. I almost never have my Xbox hooked up to the internet. In offline there are no ads to bug me and it still plays games just as good.

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I never have issues with offline mode on Steam. I was under the impression that as long as your machine is verified with Steam Guard, you can use offline mode whenever (Heck, I just turned off wifi on my laptop and tested it and got into offline mode just fine). It sounds like you haven't set up Steam Guard.

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Not sure about favourite album, haven't heard the older ones in a while.

For best song, either from 5:45 to the end of Touch or Contact. Actually, definitely Contact. That song is so sick. Motherboard is pretty awesome too.

I just was able to purchase the album. Already have it downloaded to my phone so I can listen to it during my commute tomorrow.

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Either way is good. Toaster strudel also is a strong argument. I haven't had those in years.

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Most games aren't challenging enough to make me mad, just maybe annoy me a bit.

Starcraft is the only game that gets me anything close to raging, but even then it is more going on tilt than getting angry. Playing it at a higher level is an exercise in frustration, though it can be really rewarding. For example, I was tilting today so I went on a bit of a losing streak. The other day I was having a blast and won like 9 games in a row though so it all equals out.

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Wondered why this was bumped. Still sucks just as bad as the day it happened.

Two year anniversary of his death.