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Skyrim is a game I just can't get sick of because I can just keep making new characters with different builds when I get bored. Ranger, Assassin/Thief, Mage, Jack of all trades, Heavy Warrior, Sword and Board, Summoner/ Necromancer, Dual wielder and I sure I'm missing a few others. Even without all the mods Skyrim would be my choice.

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I don't own either on PS3, but you should probably go with Dead Space 3 because RE6 is plain awful where as DS3 is just dull.

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I'm sorry Philips :(

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If I had to rank them based on enjoyment:

  1. X-2
  2. X-men
  3. First Class
  4. Days of Future Past
  5. X-3

Didn't enjoy Origins at all so it doesn't even rank and I haven't seen The Wolverine yet.

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As JRPG's go, the Final Fantasy games would be the AAA projects. So in terms of budget, nope. In terms of heart, absolutely.

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@hamst3r said:

Loot Crate might be useful if I had a shelf like this:

But I don't.

Now that's a shelf!

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If I'm in a private stall, I get it all out because it feels more comfortable. Public urinal I reveal as little as possible.

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Played 10 mins of it and I'm already in love. This is why kickstarter exists!

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I paid for a six month sub for WoW and only played it for a month. I've probably done worse but that's the most recent face palm.

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@seppli said:

I'm sending off my order as I write this. Hopefully I'll like it better than Divinity 2.

I'm hoping the same. I knew there was something cool about Divinity 2 but just couldn't get into it. But I bought this and it's downloading, there seems to be a lot of hype about it.

Also I noticed Sacred 3 is coming out soon, I didn't even know that existed. I hope that game has a Blind Guardian show again lol.