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I'm sick of the open world game design that Ubisoft invented. All side quests are fetch quests. Like in Arkham Knight: Destroy 50 defense towers, find 5 murder victims, chase this guy 5 times, complete this mini game 10 times in slightly varied ways, I'm sick of side quests just being to do lists.

The only open world game design I like is Bethesda games. Just wander around and discover stuff just through exploration, you don't even need to look at your quest list or the map if you just want to spend the day exploring.

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Kinda seems like a movie thrown together by marketers. "Hey that last Superman movie didn't seem that well received, let's add Batman to it, everyone loves Batman. And hey those last 3 Batman movies were so good no ones going to accept a new Batman movie just yet, so let's add a newly casted Batman to a completely different movie series so there is less comparisons to the Nolan films." -Men in business suits

But who knows, it could be good. I did actually like the last Superman movie.

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Is that some Bionic Commander mixed with Binary Domain game? That would be interesting.

Bionic Domain.

That game was great

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Once you get the hang of Bloodborne's combat you quickly realize it's a lot easier and more repetitive than the Souls games. Eventually I ended up really enjoying Bloodborne, after initially being put off by the fast pace, but it's still just an action game with the difficulty of a Souls game. I prefer the slower tactical combat of the Souls games myself. Also the Chalice Dungeons in Bloodborne are real hot garbage. They just spam a million enemies into big square rooms and say, have fun!

Dark Souls I & II are by far the best ones to me and I beat Demon's Souls before Dark Souls, so that your first Souls is your best Souls thing isn't true. Demon's Souls has a lot of problems and Valley of Defilement is still the worst area in any Souls game.

I have yet to try Scholar, but I played DksII so many times, I think I'm just too over it.

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Animal Crossing.

Yup, after all the positive feedback from game critics, I tried out the 3DS game and realized that it's just a chore sim like Farmville... I guess some people get a sense of accomplishment out of games that are a grind like that. Not me.

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Dragon Age Inquisition did feel an awful lot like playing a single player mmo and the dialogue was all pretty dull. The combat was fun but nothing else was.

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I bought a key for cheap so I doubt I could even request a refund through steam. So I'm stuck with it. Plus it's playable for me on my rig and I'm sure they'll fix it.

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I messed around with 60fps unlocked and it was a shit show, but it runs consistently at 30fps. I wouldn't recommend unlocking the framerate until the developers release it officially in a patch. The motion blur combined with all the visual effects pretty much make up for the 30fps anyway, either that or I've played enough console games to not care.

PC issues aside I'm enjoying it, the story has been pretty cool so far.

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Running on my GTX 770 2GB, I'm getting a pretty consistent 30fps. I'm running the game on the 30fps(unedited .ini) with all settings on normal(even though "normal" says I should have at least 3GB of VRAM). The benchmark was about 56fps average on my card but I'd prefer a constant 30fps over an all over the place 60fps.

It's a bummer the PC version is so poorly thrown together but I'm glad it's playable for me at least. Probably won't preorder a PC game again.

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Mad Max: Fury Road 4/5

Pretty intense from start to finish, feels a bit like playing Bloodborne. Crazy effects and action, but Mad Max as a character was somewhat lacking. Also one non-stop chase scene leaves you quite shell-shocked, I would have appreciated more downtime and character development myself but I can see why they did it that way. It is an impressive film but not exactly my kind of flick.