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I've been watching all the Miyazaki movies. The last one I watched was Ponyo. Although it's far from his best and is his most child focused movie, it's still beautiful and has some incredible scenes, specifically the scene where Ponyo runs across the ocean after Sosuke. 9/10

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Finally Dark Souls II gets its dues, this is a far better top 10.

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Everyone's lists are going to be so different this year, this should be entertaining. Mine...

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Yea knight Enchanter makes you unstoppable, you can take on dragons 1v1 when the rest of your team dies off. I didn't mind it though because I was sick of the combat by that point in the game, I was able to just plow through the rest of the game.

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I think Blackwalls tombstone in the fade said his worst fear was himself. There definitely is some clever attention to detail in the game.

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I know they won't pick Dark Souls II so I'm fine with whatever they pick. I was disappointed by most of the games this year so the likelyhood one of those games win is high ha ha.

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@belegorm: If that's the case Dark Souls 2 wins by miles seeings it's my GOTY 2014 easy.

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I enjoyed Lords of The Fallen, it was super janky and had issues but my love of Dark Souls made it enjoyable.

I've been meaning to play Child of Light I just keep forgetting. It's been sitting on my steam for months untouched.

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The only major event I remember from P3 was the heavily implied Elizabeth sex scene at the end of going on all the dates with her.

I know there were actual important twists in the games storyline but that scene will be forever imprinted in my brain.

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@fredchuckdave: How the character can just charge through walls and breakable objects like a goddamn space marine is so awesome. That is one hell of a way to find secrets.