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No, but it is unlikely I'll buy them if their not. Just like I don't tend to enjoy depressing movies. But movies with dark themes can still be enjoyable without being depressing as can games with tense and challenging gameplay, which I would still call fun.

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You should probably watch Gurren Lagann.

I watched the first episode of Kill La Kill and didn't watch anymore. I wasn't really in the mood for something that moved at a breakneck pace and I'm probably still not. I like quiet moments.

EDIT: Also, in the middle of all the Gurren Lagann and Cowboy Bebop recommendations, I'm going to tell you that you must watch Baccano. I've seen that anime several times and I always pick up on something new, and what I have already picked up on is still incredibly entertaining. It's basically what would happen if Tarantino wrote a screenplay about robbing trains and then told an anime studio to see how fucking nuts they could make the whole goddamn thing. And that's really not all there is to it, just watch it.

I didn't really enjoy Gurren Lagann that much. I really enjoyed Kill La Kill so I watched Gurren Lagann all the way through but it just didn't click with me. Kill La Kill on the other hand was hilarious and had some pretty great moments throughout. I might rewatch it now there is an english version.

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I think the best way is to change your game purchasing habits so that you only purchase a new game once you've completed/bored of the last one you bought. With steam sales and deals like PS+ it makes it hard, but if you only bought games you were going to play right away, then it would be less about cleaning out a backlog and more about playing games for fun. You would be moving from game to game more naturally and it would make each game more special. I think that's the way I'm going to start living my life.


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Skyrim no contest. Far Cry 2, 3 and Blood Dragon were all pretty awesome too. I really like first person open world games.

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@crabclawfajita: 40Gb is starting to look like the future for games this gen. Anyone on a capped internet plan is kinda out of luck.

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If a game has a good character creator, I have some fun creating a pretty lady. Although in a game like Mass Effect with heavy roleplaying, I tend to make a dude so I can get into the character. Sometimes it's a flip of a coin type deal, which gender I pick.

Plus I have no real problem roleplaying a female, that's the beauty of video games, you can do things you can't/wouldn't in real life.

Embrace your feminine side.

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@corruptedevil: Oh that's right, it's the whole mega texture thing with IdTech6. I'd probably trade a little bit of compression over a file size like that.

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Although, fair warning, the game is a whopping 40Gb download. I just upgraded to an unlimited download plan otherwise I just couldn't of downloaded it without capping my data limit instantly. If it's because of uncompressed audio in multiple languages that would kind of suck.

Gaming download sizes have exploded so recently.

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If anyone like me has been waiting for a good price on Wolfenstien, combined with their 20% off code, Wolfenstien is $24.00. Being an Aussie, the game is $80 on steam and when it goes 50% off it's still $40. So for me it's a great deal.

Wolfenstein: The New Order