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Animal Crossing.

Yup, after all the positive feedback from game critics, I tried out the 3DS game and realized that it's just a chore sim like Farmville... I guess some people get a sense of accomplishment out of games that are a grind like that. Not me.

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Dragon Age Inquisition did feel an awful lot like playing a single player mmo and the dialogue was all pretty dull. The combat was fun but nothing else was.

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I bought a key for cheap so I doubt I could even request a refund through steam. So I'm stuck with it. Plus it's playable for me on my rig and I'm sure they'll fix it.

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I messed around with 60fps unlocked and it was a shit show, but it runs consistently at 30fps. I wouldn't recommend unlocking the framerate until the developers release it officially in a patch. The motion blur combined with all the visual effects pretty much make up for the 30fps anyway, either that or I've played enough console games to not care.

PC issues aside I'm enjoying it, the story has been pretty cool so far.

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Running on my GTX 770 2GB, I'm getting a pretty consistent 30fps. I'm running the game on the 30fps(unedited .ini) with all settings on normal(even though "normal" says I should have at least 3GB of VRAM). The benchmark was about 56fps average on my card but I'd prefer a constant 30fps over an all over the place 60fps.

It's a bummer the PC version is so poorly thrown together but I'm glad it's playable for me at least. Probably won't preorder a PC game again.

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Mad Max: Fury Road 4/5

Pretty intense from start to finish, feels a bit like playing Bloodborne. Crazy effects and action, but Mad Max as a character was somewhat lacking. Also one non-stop chase scene leaves you quite shell-shocked, I would have appreciated more downtime and character development myself but I can see why they did it that way. It is an impressive film but not exactly my kind of flick.

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Obviously there is no perfect game objectively, but I guess a 10/10 game is one that had no flaws that impacted my experience whatsoever.

  • Skyrim - Best game ever made, even the glitches were amazing(giants launching you into the air etc.).
  • Dark Souls - The best of the souls games, a series I love.
  • Mass Effect 2 - My favorite Bioware game, loved the characters and writing.
  • Batman Arkham Asylum - Just a fantastic game, great gameplay, exploration and atmosphere.
  • Resident Evil 2 - I love the old school Resident Evil's and this one is my favourite with REmake a close second.
  • Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Fun platformer with incredible soundtrack and levels.
  • Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver - I love the atmosphere and story telling of this game.

I'm probably forgetting something. There are plenty of 9/10 games I can think of that just have enough flaws to me that stop me putting them up.

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High Chance: More shooters will be announced

Medium Chance: A decent game will be announced

Low Chance: An interesting game will be announced

Miracle Chance: A game I may get excited about will be announced...

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Top 5

  1. Dark Souls (10) - Overall best experience/atmosphere
  2. Dark Souls 2 (9.5) - Great weapon variety and improved combat but average atmosphere and level design
  3. Demon Souls (9) - Fantastic game but outdone by the Dark Souls games
  4. BloodBorne (7) - Incredible graphics and atmosphere, combat is too fast and stressful for me to enjoy.
  5. Lords of The Fallen (6) - Janky but enjoyable in some ways

Order Played

  1. Demon Souls - Played it when it came out but got nowhere, then when Dark Souls came out it encouraged me to finish it. Been an addict ever since.
  2. Dark Souls
  3. Dark Souls 2
  4. Lords of the Fallen
  5. BloodBorne
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I've been watching all the Miyazaki movies. The last one I watched was Ponyo. Although it's far from his best and is his most child focused movie, it's still beautiful and has some incredible scenes, specifically the scene where Ponyo runs across the ocean after Sosuke. 9/10