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maybe i could try but at a different time im to lazy right now...

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well that guy is fast,  probably faster than my time because the gameboy version doesnt count time when your on the world map so his time is probably the same as mine or a little less. I timed myself while playing the SNES version and stopped the timer anytime on the world map so i guess his is faster.

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I scanned my gameboy into my printer the time is the purple pinkish numbers at the top. My SNES time is 9 min 14 sec and my GBA time is 9 min 10 sec. I suggest saving the pic and zooming in to see the time better...

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My gameboy advanced time is actualy less time in 9 min 10 sec

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The world recored that was recorded is 12 mins and some seconds but ive beaten the game in 9 mins and 14 sec, just so you know im talking about taking the big shortcut that confusedsanity is talking about.