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I'm worried that with extended use the d pad may slip between the raised and lowered position on accident while gaming....especially fighters where you have to make half circle motions.  I'm assuming you push down and then rotate in order to switch the pad between modes. Seems like a bad idea to remove the colors also. I was bummed as a kid when I saw Japanese and European versions of the SNES with it's candy-like buttons, while we in the US were stuck with boring purple and lilac colored when teaching a noob how to use a controller it's often easier to tell them what color button to press rather than a letter or shape, IMO.

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@sofacitysweetheart:  I believe I heard that some, or most maybe,older songs would be getting pro mode support....not sure where or when I heard that..... I think it was during E3 and it came from a Harmonix rep.....since pro mode is essentially the actual notes and fingering (heh) technically it should be easy to add the pro mode note charts...but what do I know!  :P
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Yep, definitely patched :(  I should have played longer yesterday.....

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I got my 360 on March 6 '06, and it red rings every summer, like clockwork. Last summer my 3 year warranty had just expired, but I called MS customer service and told them I was going to go PS3 if they didn't  "Take care of me", I mentioned being an original Xbox Live adopter,  and had paid the 50 bucks every year, and mentioned how much MS points I purchase.  The rep told me he needed to get his manager involved, and the manager  got on the phone and told me not to worry , that the repair was going to be free.  Anyway, if your console takes a dump just out of warranty, it never hurts to threaten to give your business to the competition!

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@Resident4t said:
" @pbhawks45 said:
" Can anyone get in the chat?  "
yep just register on ustream "
What he said! real quick to join up...
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Everyone's freaking out in the ustream chat....

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My brother will be happy for this

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@Neverwhere:  It fits inside the existing model, so theoretically it is smaller...
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@pwn4g3IEE7:  Dood...I hope you're kidding, they meant the audience physically at the show, not the viewing audience....they want us current users to buy a new one, which I will once my three-times-repaired console dies on its annual RROD anniversary in July...
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Yay! They mentioned my comment on the Live feed!!!

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