i have an idea for a new whiskey segment!

While i was watching the latest happy hour, i was thinking about what i would like to see in this coming year: Specials! 
A lot of the users go to these sites to enjoy the personality's of the whiskey staff, and i think there is room for special segments that go beyond games, comics or movies. 
By giving the staff room to talk about their other passions/interests, we could get great content that would not translate to an entire whiskey site. 
If i look at the top-25 albums of the year blog post of Alex Navarro, or the posts from will and rorie, i would really be interested in a one off music themed podcast/something else.  
And there a many more topics that could be really cool to listen to: cars, books or photography.   
Because these topics are not suited for actual long term recurring features, and may not be entertaining for everyone, maybe it could be a subscriber only feature. 
Is this something you guys could be into? i would love to see if i am not the only one.