Absolute Destiny Whatever: Kill Witches, Get Mermaids!

It's been a while since last ADW, but I made up for it from remembering a lot of events and they're all about games. One of them more troublesome than the other two.

How I Got into Card Games Again

The last time I was into any card games up until 2011, I was just collecting them, but I was playing Yugioh just for fun. I have a Ninja deck, but my main deck is a Non-Psychic Madolche deck. Running the Madolches were up my alley because of their cuteness and their playstyle. All of that does tend to annoy some users, however; A well-learned lesson when three-to-five people were on my case when I play Madolche Chateau for the first time in separate games. Funny as it was, I managed to win, even when things got so serious, one of my opponents was blasting Eminem's "Fight Music" through his phone. Silly stuff tends to happen whenever playing the deck, even when going after the September 2013 Banlist update (I ran both Heavy Storm and Solemn Judgement at one until I removed them recently), playing with them is still fun.

Their real artwork. Very cute! <3
Fanart of some of the Madolche monsters. Wanted to share this too because it looks crazy cute.

Bermuda Triangle Bonanza

...However, I'm more of a Cardfight Vanguard person. I started out playing a Bermuda Triangle build (Velvet Voice, Raindear to be exact) in January and it turned out to get me hooked into the game, the more I was playing against multiple opponents. Since then, I made an Dark Irregulars deck because I like monsters that want to destroy/take over the world (Amon, Will definitely play his Reversed form next year), Spike Brothers (Seifried) because of the early game rushes (my first purely for fun deck) and two more Bermuda Triangle builds: Coral and Labrador(Both of which I pulled a copy of in the sneak peek. Coral's RR while Labrador's RRR). Even though Labrador was much stronger, the Coral ride chain is fun as hell to play. I even won the mat for Coral after me and a buddy of mine from school entered the Dazzling Divas sneak peek in the previous month. (It was in a raffle because we got beat down HARD in the first battle. My friend also won one that way in the same draft.) I hope this game lasts a very long time. Below is everything I got in high rarities (Vert in RR, Clear in RR and 2 copies of the Promo Card, Charlotte) , the mat and the realization that my laptop's camera is WORSE than my 3DS'.

The true horror of a bad camera in general. The other Charlotte was glared. :(

"Witches be Like..."

A week or two ago, I found this browser game through one of the sites that I frequent and since I've seen all of the Madoka Magica series, I felt quite ashamed of myself for even playing it. It's because You're playing Charlotte (Ms. Pac-Man) and you have to eat the main cast (Ghosts) when you eat the cheese power-up. 50 levels of mayhem (With the Finale being a Walpurgisnacht shaped stage) and being pissed off enough to get the cheese and eat all the girls (despite them being able to respawn). I recommend it if you like playing Pac-Man games (or if you just want to eat up the cast).

Controls for Pac-Magi as Translated

Arrow Keys: Move Charlotte Up, Down, Left, Right. Z Button: Proceed. X Button: Reset Level. Sweets and Fruits [Dammit, Kyouko!] are the "small dots" of this game. "Big Dot" of the game: Slice of cheese (Turns you into Charlotte's other form to eat the girls up).

Hey Walpurgis, I still got more room for Dessert and Magical Girls to eat!

See you next time, everyone! Until then, may the Bermudas be with you! XD (Yeah, that sounds totally cheesy.)

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Absolute Destiny Whatever: The 2013 Winter Anime Season Part 1

A lot of interesting stuff came out this winter as I was back somewhere looking for official trailers to post alongside my buddy Takashichea. I did say some things on an article for that site, but while I was checking out some of them, a few left me surprised while one that I was excited about blew more wind than my electric fan at level 3. Here are the first five series that I checked out:

This is also my expression after hearing something totally dumb.

Tamako Market (One episode in)

This slice-of-life series about a gal and her family working in a mochi shop was the first to tackle due to curiosity. The first episode was an big introduction to the family and friends as she goes about her day until a talking bird with a last name that made him look like a hypocrite later on stole the damn show, which actually made things more entertaining. Even though the major plot hasn't kicked in yet, I ended up having a lot of fun with it all. More fun than I thought.

Rating: 5/5 Hearts

"It's a long way, but here's the map to my bedroom..."

Maoyu (One episode in)

This one also heightened my curiosity after I read about it. This episode reveals that there's been a long war between humans and demons and one hero from a quartet left to charge after the Demon King and kill him, but gets in a shock when he discovers that the Demon King is really a Demon Queen who states that she wants to end the war a different way since since killing either her or the main Human(s) leading said war would only make things a lot worse than they already are. Of course the hero thought she was also Queen of Bullshit Island, but the convincing and a lamp that reveals the thoughts and past of a person makes an thought to chew over for him. The fact that this wasn't like the other fantasy series I ran into (in terms of plot) made up for a good experience and makes me want to see if she was really on Bullshit Island or if she's far away from it.

Rating: 3.5/5 Hearts

Hibari (Pink Hair): "Asuka, WHEN will your grandpa stop giving us those suggestive-ass spring rolls? We've been eating them for two episodes already!"

Senran Kagura (Two episodes in)

Well, here we have another fanservice show and I tried it for the hell of it. Here's the gist on the plot (per se): A group of trainee shinobi, including the daughter of a grandmaster ninja (whom I presume to be the very main character) are training to hone their skills, but a dire time might commence when a number of rival ninjas show up. I like how this seems to have more plot than most fanservice shows I've seen, but sadly, it's totally bland aside of the rival ninjas themselves. I'll look into it a bit more, but if it starts to become boring once more, then my time with this is done for.

Rating: 2/5 Hearts

I don't get what's funny about any of this either.

Ai Mai Mi (Two episodes in)

Back on an news article that me and my buddy Takashichea did back in the Void of No Return, I picked this as a show that I got excited about from my intuition and thought it would be good. Instead, it became the exact opposite. The first episode had the most ineffective material in all my life as an anime viewer ever and the second only had one good decent joke. It also tries to be funny from its drug-like weirdness, but it ends up critically hindering the experience. My verdict: Stay the actual fuck away from Ai Mai Mi. FAR away.

Rating: 0/5 Hearts

"Oh... But you do love me, don't you?" *blush*

Mangirl (Three episodes in)

First of all, the title is intended as the fusion of the words “Manga” and “Girl” and does not involve cross-dressing or gender bending (like what I thought at first). It's actually about a group of amateur mangaka who are starting a magazine on their own, despite their constantly over-zealous leader. If the comedic material for this show and the last one were a street fight, the previous would've been killed in seconds. Actually, Mangirl's material works very well, and even adds a tiny bit of depth to some of the characters. I'm looking forward to continuing with the series after a few days of hard work.

Rating: 3/5 Hearts

That's all I got for reviewing so far. Stay tuned for Part Two, everyone! Until then, here are my other highlights.


All right, I think you're the best of the rivals! Now please don't shoot me!
I'll just leave this here...
Actually, it took me a minute to find her blue demon mark. *blush*
Torturing your poor friend with mayonnaise won't get you any more hearts OR stars, madam.
The caption police are here again!? I thought we already paid for the building! D:

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Absolute Destiny Whatever: New Year's Railing

Well, GB. I never thought I would end up starting fresh with a new blog for you guys, but now's the time. Welcome to my initial blog series, Absolute Destiny Whatever (Named after a Twitter hashtag I made up while I was working on a wiki for those that were wondering) where I'll be discussing not only what videogames I've been playing, but also about what else is going on about my life as of late. The holidays came and went and it turned out to be fine despite the year that I had with my family.

Christmas Eve and Day

Unlike other X-Mas Eves, that one was shorter than hell rather than the usual feeling of it being longer than two to three days. Christmas Day arrives and I ended up having some fun as my folks gave me some gifts despite being far from perfect and the lazy-ass job they did with my stocking. (A big ziplock bag filled with candy in a stocking? Seriously? The candy part's what the actual stocking is for.) -__-

Gifts that I Can Remember from that Time

  • Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.
  • A shirt that doesn't suit me (It was purple with light blue text). :(
  • A new stereo/cd player.
  • A box of Old Spice stuff (Which smells very good in my view).
  • An fancy Invicta watch that made the ones from my nearest mall look like counterfeit ones.

New Year's 2013

2012 was quite a ride in gaming, anime and hanging around at the campus lounge and on the internet. I also learned that I have an fearless-like ability when talking to women outside of the school lounge as pointed out by a few friends of mine. (Didn't even need help from GB's off-topic section for that. :P ) However, when it came to my home and family life, it was a bitch and a half. I lost a loved one, another loved one got arrested (too many driving tickets), and the family car was towed in late September, thus royally screwing everyone's plans until my fall quarter, which totally blew despite my good performances back there. I dealt with the negatives of 2012. Now I'm attempting to turn them all into positives for 2013.

That's about everything that went on with me during the holidays, so with a song to welcome the new year , I'll see you around until next time. (Also feel free to comment if you want to share your thoughts on how your holidays went too).


The First Few Plays- Kirby's Epic Yarn

I recently bought Kirby's Epic Yarn right after a good day on Campus (and a bad one at home :[ ). Here's how it went down...

Quick Plot Summary (So Far)

One day at Dream Land, Kirby ate what he thought was any old tomato from the head of someone made of yarn that was lurking around. He got sucked into the yarn person's necklace and landed into a world entirely made of yarn, where Kirby finds out that he also turned into yarn. After rescuing King Fluff from a small monster a moment ago, he introduces himself and Patch Land to Kirby...


This was one of the few games that I mostly play with the Wiimote sideways, and I'm already getting the hang of the controls except for "Dash" for some reason (Hopefully my Wiimote's not broken). I also had a hard time with Surfboard Kirby because I kept falling and losing jewels during the firsty stage that had him. I breezed through a number of stages already as proof. Surprisingly (well, to me of course), I found the plot more interesting as I play through some of the stages. Chances are, this is slowly becoming one of my best Wii Games since Brawl and SMG. ...As long as that damn landlord dosen't break Kirby's jewel bank first.

Bladering's Moving Log (Conclusion)

Sorry this took so long, all! and if you're wondering, I'm reffering to my real self (Bladering's my nickname outside of the AV and CV RPG boards [and my real name inside of them] if you haven't read my last blog). Right now, I'm still getting used to Atlanta but things feel a lot more different than any of my birthdays back in KC alone (even though I don't feel old at all). I already visited Stone Mountain Park and it's was good, but I'm willing to see more attractions later on like the Georgia Aquarium
Well, that's it for now, and don't worry, I'll blog more often XD.    

Bladering's Moving Log (Part 1)

I'm moving out of my hometown, Kansas City, MO later this month, so I'll inform you readers with a glimpse of the city & three lists; 

I don't live in this district, but I have visited there for a reason.

Things that I will miss 
1.The Plaza lights- I've been to the KC Plaza when the christmas lights were up a number of times, including last year and when I was about 10 or 11 years old. 
The Plaza Lights

2. Nakakon 2010- That was my first Anime Con ever. I'd upload pictures, but they're all in an SD Card and the computer I'm using dosen't have a slot for it. :(
3. Crown Center- That was pretty much the only mall I remember going to and hanging out with some friends. 
4. "The Timberwolf"- That was the first roller coaster I rode on at the "Worlds of Fun" theme park. Recalling this, I still can't friggin' believe that my own stepdad threw up after that even though the thing had no loops. 
Things I WON'T miss 
1. My high school years- Of corse I had a number of true friends back at before I graduated (which was recently, BTW) and there was some good times, but there was a lot of death, torture, strict curfews, and homemade lurid horror stories involved in those years. I have a gut feeling that my college years will be MUCH better! 
2. A local radio show that must not be named- I used to be addicted to that show up until recently. Please don't ask me anything else about it. 
Things that I'm glad I did before moving 
1. Complete The Super Sup Check on all my WM accounts (except Tested 'cause it dosen't have that quest)- It was crazy, insane, and I'm glad that I did it! 
2. Saw the Plaza Lights once more. 
3. Reached over 10,000 Wiki Points on at least one WM account. 
4. Visited Atlanta, GA: the place that I'm moving to. - I went there for a college visit along with a visit to some of Atlanta's atracttions. 
The next part will me written after I move, so please wish me luck, dear readers. :) 
P.S. Bladering is my nickname as well as my RPG character's first name on AV and CV.