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It still feels quite horrible losing him like that, but I'll still miss him dearly. Happy Belated Birthday, Ryan. I still miss you.

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Nintendo by a landslide. Sony was good until the second half, Microsoft and Ubisoft was good and I didn't give a fuck in the ass about EA.

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Yeah, it was really sad to see it go. Thankfully, I saved all of my important wiki work from there into document files before it disappeared.

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I played some of this and thought it was fun, despite it being REALLY frustrating. However, I don't think it should be taken down because it turned out to be one of the games that make you mad as balls when playing, but turned out to be fun after the moment that you stop playing. Just placing my thoughts here.

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West Coast Classics by far. If I'm gonna do some crazy-ass shit in Los Santos, I'm gonna tune into some real good hip-hop.

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This has me shocked as hell. RIP, Ryan. I'll miss you very much.

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That was actually unexpected. However, I'm still goin' for the PS4.

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I recently finished watching Revolutionary Girl Utena (I own all 3 parts of Nozomi's Remastered DVD Editions) and the end of it all actually shocked me like hell, yet it made sense and it was fun. The movie however didn't and was all kinds of bananas, especially in terms of the plot.

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The Black version still looks waaaaaaaaaaaaay better, even on the new version.