A non-brided, short, honest, gamer review of MW3.

Disclaimer: I haven't played, nor intend to play the Multiplayer aspect of the game.

The game is stale. Sure it runs on a solid 60 fps on the 360, but the gameplay and story has gotten horrifically stale. Every time something 'exciting' happens, you can't help but think it's a parody of what the original MW stood for. It's very sad for a franchise like this to fall so far. Boring and I completely regret my purchase.

Don't even get me started on Battlefield 3's single player, it's absolutely fucking abysmal as well.

I played both BF3 and MW3. I'm in a shitty third world country so black markets have this game for sale pirated on a burned DVD. (BF3 came on 2 DL DVD's).

They are both equal in quality, however both are equally boring. Not bad, not buggy, not laggy, but BORING. It's the same shit. Literally, different maps in the campaign but the game 'oscar mike bravo zulu 'mericuh ramirez lets do this hooo haaaa' schtick of the previous games.

I regret buying them both, but fortunately they only cost me $1.50 each.

I can't understand how these games are getting high 90 scores. It's just mind boggling.

Take this small reviews as a warning. Save your money, the games aren't worth 60$. Buy Dark Souls or Skyrim instead.


Going to buy Dark Souls tonight - what am I getting into?

I consider myself a pretty hardcore gamer. I do enjoy the casual games during long commutes but I really like a game with meat that will test me. After reading a comic a while back I always play my games on the highest difficulty setting the first time around.

I play games the way the developers intended them to be played and so far it's been great. My games last longer and I get more satisfaction when I beat a boss that has me 2 inches away from a heart attack.

But what the hell did I get myself into with Dark Souls?

I keep hearing whispers of madness and broken controllers when googling this game and even the GiantBomb bombcast has references of it being "unfair and troll like".

Is this true?

Will this game finally do me in?


Being a new user and running into a wall. Post limitation galore.

I'm a new user here at GiantBomb and I absolutely love how the site runs. Ajax here and there, tastefully placed to make the end user have a better experience. It should be a hallmark for how web design is done.

After browsing around the site and filling in my profile, I wanted to start some conversation on the Batman: Arkham City forums, but after a few back and forths I ran into a stinky issue.

Really bummed me out. I can't participate on a site I like, and I'm not told how long I have to wait before I can play with others.

How long is the "high enough post count", who knows?

I'd much rather prefer to enter a captcha code during this "trial" period than be locked out of participation.

What are your thoughts?