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You have mastered Resogun and found it's kill screen. ;)

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If CBS set the tone for the content then I would say yes but I do not see any evidence of this.

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I think both games are great for just turning off your brain and killing things. They have their place and some will enjoy the concept and other will not. As far as repetitive goes I have played Solitaire a billion times and still play it every once in awhile and have fun.

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Not sure what section to put this in as there is not Windows 8 Game section only a Windows Phone section. I am not really trying to advertise but this post is game related. Been a gamer and programmer most of my life. I always wanted to create my own game but still have yet to come up with that great concept and run with it. Until my magic moment comes I decided to go ahead and create a game any game I could think of just to get my feet wet and at least say I have something at least.

Awhile back I bought a couple of Windows 8 tablets and am fascinated by the touch controls. The games that interest me the most with tablets is head to head games where you and a friend can both use the tablet and play a game. Almost like a virtual board game when and where you want it. Now most head to head games you take turns or the screen is divided because there is no way the screen would know which of the 2 players touched the screen. With Finger Fight I came up with the concept that the direction you slide your finger fun determines which player you are. With that concept in mine you now can fight over the same play area and I can keep score for each player. Titled Finger Fight because you are literally bumping fingers while playing.

The concept of the game is to slide more panels over than the other player. You can un-slide the others players tiles and take a point from them and give it to yourself. After the time limit a finger is declared the winner.

The game is free if you have Windows 8 / 8 RT / 8.1 in the Windows Store:

If I am not allowed to post such as message I understand but the Giant Bomb community is my game family and this is gaming related so I thought I would share.

Let me know if you try it how it is for a first game attempt. Thanks for reading.

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I can't for the life of me figure out why they sent Tearaway out to die during new console launches. Coverage will be fleeting despite the incredible scores and nobody is paying any attention to the vita. My only guess is that Sony wanted a sweetener to convince people interested in Remote Play to get one. I do not think it will work very well

Anyway, what does it matter, I can't wait to play it on Friday.

IMO it is a good move to push people on the fence about getting a Vita during this time. With the PS4 launch there are many people considering getting a Vita just for remote play and 2nd screen reasons. Now before they hit the [BUY] button they ask themselves is it really worth it. Now that this game has come along and the scores are high those people will have one more reason to finish that click.

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Bummer. Thanks for the clarification. I am getting a free copy of a free game. Well at least my copy will be freeer (is free-er a word?) than yours. ;)

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At Best Buy they have silver Day One Xbox Live cards for 12 months and at the bottom print that mention you get Kill Instinct and Shadow Jago character. The price is $59.99. You also get the shiny silver card and who does not like shiny things. The card though does not have the codes a slip of paper in the box does.

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Can't scratch or lose a digital download. Also that pesky friend that wants to borrow everything is out of luck.

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Remember 43.2% of internet stats and numbers are made up and 100% of ratings mean nothing unless you are the person giving that rating.

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Bought 4 game - COD Ghosts, Killzone, Knack, & NFS Rivals. So far Rivals has 95% of my attention. On last level of racer and 40% through cop story. I think once you unlocked a few good cars them the online becomes much more fun. Without a good car as a racer 3 online (real people) will just destroy you. As a cop with a poor car it is almost impossible unless you work in packs to stop anyone without a decent car. So there is a problem with online game balance nut this is true for almost any multiplayer game. You might find yourself going offline to finish up a few tasks where the online part makes it difficult to pull off. For example tasks where you have to gather so many points before finding a hide out. Online you get so close and then destroyed and an entire hour of points goes bye bye. I think the size of the map is a little small but is understandable as you can only have so many players on one server. I hope some DLC comes out to allow different islands later on.

The arcade racing is nice as the learning curve is not vast per car and you can spend more time on concentrating on the game than having to hit that corner just right. There is some skill involved but not as much as a sim of course. That is going to be my downfall when Forza 5 comes out where the racing style is night and day different.

All in all the game gets a 4/5 for me and although I think it is not completely next gen it still looks great, plays great, and most importantly I am having a Blast!