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My garden atm. We have a really good spring this year.

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This could make for some great shooops. Don't disappoint me Giant Bomb!

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It makes me a bit sad seeing all the bombers who dislike their immediate family. I really think you should do everything in your power to stay friendly with your family. That doesn't mean you have to agree with them, hang out with them or necessarily meet them often. But being on bad terms with your family when they suddenly die must be horrible. I'm pretty sure most of the people above who said they hate their family actually love them when shit hits the fan. Do yourself a favor and try to make peace with your family.

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Holy shitsnacks! This is great!

And that trailer says fall 2014? That can't be release can it?

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I think latté is quite nice. It doesn't have strong coffee taste and has lots of milk in it. You should however be prepared for some people considering it unmanly, joking around if it comes up is probably the best thing to do.

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@do_the_manta_ray: Since you don't count Skyrim and Oblivion towards worlds where this is feasible could you name some open world rpg's where you've done this and enjoyed it? I'd be very interested in trying this out.

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I don't know which games you've played but if I were in your position I'd look at GoTY from the last 2 or 3 years. You'll most likely find some good stuff there.

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I've now listened to a few remasters and freshened up on some of the old versions as well and I still feel like the remasters are generally better.

The new version of Aurons theme is however not nearly as good.

Assault sounds much better:

Movement in green has also sounds much better:

Besaid Island is also a just amazingly beautiful in the new version:

I think that a lot of the new versions (especially Besaid Island above) sound more inspired by eastern culture, which of course is where a lot of the game's inspiration comes from. I think it's very fitting.

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I should probably first mention that FFX is one of my favorite games of all time. I played it as a young teenager and fell in love with it. I've always hated the menus but the new ones look much better. Especially considering how TV's have grown in the last few years. Putting that old menu screen on a 50" TV? No thanks... I think they really did a nice job with the menu screen, feels very similar but fitting for this day and age.

I haven't played the HD remaster so it's a bit harder to comment on the music. I did however listen to both versions of the song above and while I loved the original and it has tons of nostalgia tied to it, I really think the new one is better. It just sounds much smoother and the guitar part that starts around the one minute mark sounds really good. Still the old one was also really good, so all in all I don't think it matters a whole lot.

Could it be possible that they don't have the old recordings in quality good enough for an HD release?

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Expert is also worse in the long run because it has fewer nodes, meaning if you max level any of your characters (this is still take a looong time, even on expert) they won't be as powerful on an expert grid as on a standard grid.

I'd recommend for most people to just go with standard. On a second playthrough it can be fun to mess with the expert one.