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this can't be real...

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this can't be real...

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.... this has to be a fucking joke... it has to be.

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Gonna miss you dave, flight club/ random pc game was one of the best features GB has ever done. Hope we get to finish bladerunner together someday.

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@cyraxible said:

@EnduranceFun: @bloodsoul5: Says who? Oh, right. You're letting fringe elements of a movement define the core ideas. Good idea. All Muslims are insurgents right?

I've never heard/read anything that comes from a person self identifying themselves as a feminist that didn't just come off as pro women anti-man bullshit.

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@cyraxible said:

Patrick, quit being a pussy and say you're a feminist and say why. Feminism is, like others have pointed out, advocacy of women's rights on the fundametal basis of gender equality. If you're a feminist you want men and women to be equal. Period.

that may have been what it was intended to mean a long time ago but it is most certainly not what it means now.

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@Salarn said:

For anyone who is saying that the 47% of female gamers aren't real gamers. You don't get to decide that, sorry but if it were up to individuals, I declare that unless you play Dwarf Fortress you're not a real gamer. Here is a close analogy. you don't get to decide what other people call themselves. Fight as much as you want, from a financial standpoint games are going to be made where the money is, so learn to deal with it now.

For anyone who's saying, "THERE ARE BIGGER PROBLEMS", first off stop trying to derail and distract from a problem that is real. Yes there are other problems, and hey, it's kinda insulting to think that I can't support one or more issues at a time. I can add my voice and donate money to support multiple things, if you're saving yourself for the 'one true problem' at the top of the stack, please add "I donated time/money/etc... to ______ cause, and while your issue is important to you, I have limited resources but wish you well."

For anyone shouting "THIS IS A WEBSITE ABOUT VIDEO GAMES", you've not been here very long, I'm pretty sure they spent easily a half out on mattresses on the last pod cast amidst other completely non game related topics. Also people make the games you play, this is an article about these people here, we're not even on a very complex seven degrees here, this is directly related games.

You can spin it anyway you want, 47% of hardcore gamers are not female.

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@jozzy said:

@CaptStickybeard said:


She has a point, just a shame it dominated those specific Giant Bomb shows. Also, I am not sure the reaction from the community would've been different if it was a man doing the exact same thing. Interesting though.

She doesnt have a point at all. drunk and annoying is terrible regardless of gender.

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@martyarf said:

@patrickklepek: You don't remember what you said on the podcast? You and Jeff went to painstaking lengths to explain the "culture" of the FGC, eager to place the rape threats in "context". You don't remember Brad saying something to the effect of "You guys are nuts, this guy is a fucking psycho"?

The rape comment was made towards a character in MVC3, Phoenix, who is considered to be extremely cheap. Get over it.

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