Black Women Videogame Characters

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Just added her thanks for telling me about her :) , if there is anymore you know of let me know ok

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Citra Talugmai - Farcry3

Jenifer Santos - Deadspace 3

Joslin Reyes - TombRaider 2013

Marlene - The Last of Us

Nix - Infamous 2

Isabela - Dragon Age 2

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Elite Guard from No One Lives Forever.

EDIT: They were from NOLF1 not NOLF2 as originally stated.

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I wanna say that chick from Beyond Good and Evil, but I might be mistaken. "Blackness" tends to be a nebulous and sore subject, especially among female POC.

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Shinobu doesn't count. A lot of Japanese people have dark skin.

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What, you put up Sheva but not Hunnigan? Racist... ;P Also, Purna.

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Where's Riley from the Last of Us?

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@yummylee: I do a list on Black women and that Racist ? Really ? you dont u Get a left

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@bloodycanadian1985: ...It was a joke.

I do a list on Black women and that Racist ? Really ? you dont u Get a left

also, wot

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No. Some Japanese people are naturally born with dark skin. It even shows up in other games.

For example.

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