Doom IV Le Sigh?. Maybe, hell yea!.

Kotaku reports this long interesting story about the development Doom IV.

Kotaku: Five Years And Nothing To Show: How Doom 4 Got Off Track

The point of it is that Doom IV got has now been rebooted once, and is on track for next gen consoles. But, they've got a very long way to go. That the Doom IV project, has had bad management, and communication problems.

Polygon: Doom 4 development reportedly rebooted in late 2011, now set for next-gen consoles

John Carmack got up in front of everyone and said something like, "Doom means two things: demons and shotguns."

Its a very interesting read, and I don't do it justice, so I just won't care to quote much.

But I made sure to make this a blog post because the Doom 1 demo, and Mortal Kombat 1 on floppy, are the things I grew up on. And then Amazon Trail. I only expect the best from Doom IV. And next-gen RAM and blu-ray and such, should create plenty of room to innovate on. I just hope they have enough fucking good, young guns and engineers, to do it justice. : /

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Posted by mrfluke

yep saw that story as well,

i think other than a visual overhaul,

(call me crazy) i think doom would be best suited to adopt and mesh aspects of dark souls and serious sam into its design, it would help recarve out a niche for the doom series, cause doing the stock shooter wont be enough for doom (that story u linked to also i believe mentions that they canceled rage 2)

like doing a "super hard but actually doable" fps and the crowds of enemies that serious sam does would be interesting for doom imo.

Edited by Blu3V3nom07

@mrfluke: I'm wondering though. Because you mention Dark Souls, but there's so many games that could benefit from going open-world, and this might be one 'em. Carmack mentions Skyrim, and that Doom IV could and should be as big as that, but I hope he doesn't mean just making money.

I wonder though, how fucking mad Zenimax is at Id. I mean, can't a Bethesda special-ops team, kinda jsut go and help that shit along, for like a year, or two?. ~ Hm.

Posted by mrfluke

@blu3v3nom07: carmack seems more of an intellectual than a money maker, so i think hes probably talking more of scope than popularity.

i actually wouldnt be surprised if some of the skyrim team goes and helps them now that you mention it,

with the way how people are saying that next gen is gonna be more about devs helping each other out and how devs will be outsourcing more, it wouldnt surprise me if this actually happens.

Posted by Tarsier

what i need is quake 5 arena.

Posted by MightyDuck

Is it wrong that I'd be happy with just new levels using the graphics that both Doom 1 and 2 had?

Posted by Guided_By_Tigers

Is it wrong that I'd be happy with just new levels using the graphics that both Doom 1 and 2 had?

You can find thousands of those on the internet.